Men have these 5 characteristics and may also be troubled by breast cancer, so be vigilant

When it comes to breast cancer, everyone thinks that it is a women’s patent, because many people think that men don’t have breasts, so they won’t get breast cancer. In fact, this kind of thinking is not correct.

According to relevant survey data, the risk of male breast cancer accounts for 1% of breast cancer patients. Although the probability is not high, there is also a risk of breast cancer, which is exactly the case Only male friends should be vigilant. If there are the following characteristics in life, men may also be troubled by breast cancer.

1. Obesity

< p>Clinical investigations have shown that most men with breast cancer are overweight. The reason is that if there are too many fat cells in the body, they will convert androgens into estrogens, resulting in estrogen in the body. Increased levels of sex hormones will stimulate the mammary glands over time.

Second, liver problems

Liver problems Under good conditions, men are also prone to breast cancerbecause the liver produces a binding protein that helps the blood carry hormones, and this protein also affects hormone activity; p>

In addition, if a man with liver inflammation is prone to endocrine disorders in his life, which leads to damage to the ability to inactivate estrogen, the male body will have low androgen content and high estrogen content. Phenomenon.

III. Radiation

If exposed to radiation for a long time, it will lead to genetic changes, there will be disorders of the body’s functions, resulting in changes in sexual characteristics.

4. Family history

By studying male breast cancer cases at home and abroad, the researchers found that if there is a family history of female breast cancer or other history of cancer, the incidence of breast cancer in male members is higher than that of male members without a history of cancer.

V. Changes in endocrine environment

Studies show that male breast cancer is more dependent on hormones. In the case of high estrogen levels, men are more likely to develop breast cancer, and the main reason for excessive estrogen is blindly taking some products containing estrogen. hormone supplements or food.

In addition, if men with diseases such as prostatic hyperplasia need to take anti-androgen drugs on weekdays, in this case, men become a high-risk group of breast cancer.

6. Living habits

If men are always overworked on weekdays, are highly stressed and have irregular work and rest, the hormone levels in the body will also change, which will stimulate the mammary glands and be targeted by mammary gland diseases.

If a man has the above six characteristics, he is likely to suffer from breast disease. In addition, when the following abnormality is found in the body, it is necessary to go to the hospital for physical examination in time.

1, breast lump

< p>If you want to judge whether the breast is healthy or not, you can check the condition of the breast by yourself.If there is a lump on one side, and it appears as an irregular oval or spherical shape and the boundary is not clear, it is likely to be a breast Signs of cancer coming.

2. Breast skin changes

During the development of breast cancer, it will also invade the skin, causing There are depressions and skin thickening and edema, especially in the advanced stage, there may even be symptoms of skin ulceration at the lump.

All in all, although male breasts are not prominent, with the continuous increase of estrogen in the body , also increases the risk of breast cancer disease, therefore,Male friends must be highly valued.

Especially in the case of breast skin changes and lumps, it is necessary to go to the hospital to check the body in time to see what is the cause, so that targeted treatment can be made to avoid the development of the disease.

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