Medicine and food are of the same origin, Gongyanlou helps your healthy life

The treasures of traditional Chinese medicine have never stopped excavating. Thousands of years of Chinese medicine culture have left us a lot of wealth, and Chinese medicine has given answers about health, health preservation, and life. We all have a sense of reverence for Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine is synonymous with saving the dying and rejuvenating the wounded. And Chinese medicine is not only to cure diseases and save people, but also to the concept of Chinese medicine for health preservation, which benefits people endlessly and is of great benefit to physical health.

Among them, the homology of medicine and food is also an important concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Under this concept, a large number of brands have also risen, and Gongyanlou is one of them, and it is a time-honored brand with a long history. Gongyanlou was founded in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty by the disciples of famous doctors in the Qing Dynasty. So far, Gongyanlou has developed and continues to this day.

Medicine and food homology Simply put, Chinese medicine and food come from the same source. Most of these things have both curative effects and can also be used as food to drink, that is, for medicinal and edible purposes, such as kudzu, hawthorn, ebony, walnut, almond, pepper, Amomum, honey, etc. It belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, has good curative effect, and is a nutritional product with therapeutic effect that is used by the public as cooking ingredients in daily life!

Nowadays, Gongyanlou has made a new breakthrough and launched a series of products more suitable for modern people on the basis of medicine and food. The Gongyanlou team, which has been deeply involved in the field of big health for many years, has always regarded product quality as the top priority. During the rise of Gongyanlou in the past year, it has continued to follow the traditional formula and launched new products, ranging from honey ointment with excellent nutrition and taste, to moxibustion stickers for relieving physical discomfort, and then to the recent new physique ointment. A product is carefully selected and carefully developed to bring consumers an intimate experience.

Gongyanlou has successively launched ointment series, moxibustion series and other products, and has carried out technological innovation from “food” to “use”. The ointment series products are all formulated with ancient recipes, using natural high-quality Chinese herbal medicines as raw materials, and become more suitable health care products for modern people. Once listed, it has won the favor of consumers and has become the first choice of health for many families.