Medical Device Safety Publicity Week || Science Knowledge of Safety Equipment 2: How to choose household medical devices

[Source: Lanzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau]

When purchasing household medical equipment, it should be purchased and used under the guidance of a doctor. Medical devices are used to diagnose and treat diseases. Before purchasing, you should listen to the doctor’s opinion and use it under the guidance of the doctor. It is necessary to regularly evaluate the effect of use by a doctor, check whether there are any adverse reactions, and prevent misuse and damage to health.

Before buying a medical device, read the product carefully Instructions, ask the salesperson or doctor, find out the mechanism of action, scope of application, usage, precautions, contraindications, etc. of the product, and choose to buy and use it according to the doctor’s advice and your own situation.

What should I pay attention to when buying home medical equipment ?

First, check whether the operator is qualified: buy from a regular pharmacy or a medical device business enterprise, and check whether it has the “Medical Device Business Enterprise License” ” (or record certificate) and “business license” and other legal qualifications, whether the after-sales service is guaranteed.

Second, check product qualifications: Medical device products should have “Medical Device Product Registration Certificate” (or filing certificate), “Medical Device Production License” (or filing certificate) If you need to distinguish between true and false, you can log in to the website of the State Drug Administration. Click on the medical device in the data query column, enter the registration number or product name, and products from all over the country can be found. There are some common products that confuse the public with their therapeutic efficacy, such as height-enhancing instruments, weight-loss instruments, etc., fitness equipment for daily fitness, and some clothes, hats, shoes, socks, bracelets, earrings, etc. with health functions are not medical equipment.

Three to obtain product invoices: Consumers must obtain shopping invoices when purchasing medical equipment. The official invoice is the proof of purchase, which is very useful in product warranty and quality complaints. Some illegal sales companies often cannot provide official invoices, so you must not try to save trouble and get cheap.

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