“May there be light in your eyes and live the way you want.” The broadcast I had the pleasure of hearing this morning

1. Maturity has nothing to do with age, but depends on how many responsibilities your shoulders can provoke, how much slander you can bear, how much praise you can accept; height has nothing to do with the starting point, but depends on What kind of thickness can you accumulate through your efforts?

2. Don’t be afraid of being blocked by thousands of people, just be afraid of surrendering yourself. The reality will tell you that if you don’t work hard, you will be trampled to death by life. The best way to predict the future is to create it! Empty talk not only misleads the country and people, but hard work can build a country and build a business!

3. Life is only about the beauty that comes out, not the brilliance that comes out. The happiest thing is not to live like others, but to live more like yourself after working hard.

4. Don’t wait for the applause of others to start appreciating yourself. Why should you care too much about what others think? May you have light in your eyes and live the way you want!

5. There is an essential difference between living and breathing. Either you are busy with your dreams, or you are walking dead to keep breathing!

6. As time goes by, it is only time, not mood, that is desolate. No need to explain, no need to explain, work hard, success or failure, it doesn’t really matter, the important thing is to be worthy of your own growth, worthy of your years, and worthy of your life!

7. The scenery lost in winter will be reproduced one by one in spring; everything lost when going downhill will be returned one by one when going uphill. As long as you still have the desire to improve, you are not afraid of all kinds of unbearable times when you are down. Those who work hard will never mind the difficulties on the journey, and those who have dreams will eventually reach the other side!

8. There is no life without progress, only those who do not progress. May we have the wind under our feet, each is brilliant, and welcome the rising sun every day with the most beautiful mood.

9. The biggest enemy in life is cowardice. You can be nothing, but you can’t be nothing, and the courage to start will find the way to success!

10. The biggest lie in the world is that you can’t. There are always difficulties and setbacks on the road of life. For these setbacks, it is the best way to no longer run away and face them bravely.