Man Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Guangzhou Metro AED Successfully Saves Life!

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Xu Zhentian correspondent Li Xiaoqian Xu Linzi Zhu Xiuyin

In the early morning of April 19, subway staff Li Li received a thank-you message from a passenger: “He is really a blessing. My life is big, I can meet you, if it is not in the subway station, I can’t imagine!” It turned out that at about 20 o’clock on April 18, a male passenger in his 40s suffered a heart attack at Guangzhou South Station of the Guangzhou Metro. Stopped and fainted and lost consciousness, the station staff immediately used AED equipment to carry out emergency rescue, and finally turned the passengers to safety.

At 20:16 on the 18th, Liang Junjie, who was stationed at the platform of Guangzhou South Station of the Metro, just got off the train on Line 7 after clearing passengers. He suddenly heard a passenger screaming for help next to him. He immediately followed the sound and ran forward to check. , I saw a male passenger collapsed to the ground, and the wife and daughter on the side screamed for help while panicking. Liang Junjie quickly squatted down to check the situation of the male passenger, only to see that his lips were pale, unconscious, and his breathing was weak. He immediately reported to the car control room for assistance. The car control room immediately called 120 and turned on the station broadcast to find medical staff. Li Li, another subway employee who passed by after get off work, also joined the rescue.

“This should be a cardiac arrest and must be rescued immediately!” Liang Junjie and Li Li took the time to unfasten the passenger’s coat buttons and trouser belts, try to make the passenger’s breathing easier, and start cardiopulmonary resuscitation . Li Li observed the passengers while performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The passengers were still breathing weakly and unconsciously. The wife accompanying the scene reported that her husband had a “bad heart”. At this time, the station supervisor on duty He Peishan, station attendants Zhang Xiaohui and Zheng Zhanming rushed to the scene with medicine boxes and AED equipment respectively.

Rescue scene

Time passed by minute by minute. Seeing that the male passenger was still unconscious, He Peishan decided to use The AED defibrillates the passenger externally. After external defibrillation, He Peishan and Zheng Zhanming continued to alternately perform chest compressions for the passengers according to the AED prompts. He Peishan and Zheng Zhanming performed chest compressions for the passengers, called the passengers according to the prompts, and observed the passengers’ breathing from time to time.

After performing chest compressions in turn, at 20:22, the passengers recovered their heartbeat and breathing, and began to regain consciousness. At this point, everyone present breathed a sigh of relief. 120 After the ambulance arrived at the scene, the station staff used wheelchairs to assist the ambulance crew in taking the passengers to the ambulance to the hospital for treatment. That night, the passenger’s wife contacted the subway staff through a mobile phone text message, informing him that his husband had successfully arrived at the hospital and was preparing for the operation, and everything was normal at present. In the early morning of April 19, the passenger’s wife informed the successful completion of the operation through WeChat, and once again expressed her gratitude to the subway staff.

Guangzhou Metro reminds citizens that if they feel unwell and need help during the subway ride, they can report to the station staff in time, and the station will provide assistance within its capacity.