Malnutrition? A sign of disease? Are vertical lines on your nails linked to your health?

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Have you noticed the slender, raised vertical lines on your nails? This happens in people of all ages. Some people believe that nails, like the rest of the body, reflect a person’s health, and vertical lines on the nails are a sign of malnutrition or even a sign of systemic disease. So how do vertical lines on nails form? Does it have anything to do with people’s health?

Nail composition

Nails are produced from living skin cells in the fingers and can be divided into six parts:< ul class="list-paddingleft-1">

  • Deck: the visible part of the nail;
  • Nail bed: the skin below the deck;
  • cuticle: the tissue that overlaps the nail plate and covers the base of the nail;
  • onail: the fold of skin that surrounds and supports the nail on three sides fold;
  • Crescent: the white half-moon at the base of the nail;
  • Matrix: hidden under the stratum corneum A unit.

  • The deck is mainly composed of keratin, which is a kind of keratin Hardened proteins can also be found in skin and hair; the cells on the surface of the matrix are extremely capable of regeneration and are the growth area of ​​nails. New cells grow and old cells are squeezed out to form the nails we are familiar with. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nails grow an average of 2mm to 3mm per month, while toenails grow at a rate of about 1mm per month. The rate of nail growth depends on many factors, in general, younger people grow faster than older people, Men grow faster than women, summer grows faster than winter.

    What causes vertical lines to form?

    1. Agingnailsthere are many causes of vertical streaks, the most common and the most The main reason is aging. As you age, your body’s natural production of oil slows, causing your nails to become thinner, brittle, and prone to peeling and vertical lines. Since skin and hair have a similar keratin structure, the drying of skin and hair is based on a similar principle. Small vertical lines can affect the beauty of your nails, but they are nothing to worry about.They have nothing to do with indigestion or malnutrition, As long as the vertical lines are uniform, flat and smooth, and there is no physical discomfort, you don’t need to care.

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    Other CausesOther causes may also cause vertical striations andcomorbid symptoms. Some types ofanemiamay affect the formation of vertical lines, but are usually accompanied byChanges in nail color and texture. For example, iron-deficiency anemia can cause not only the appearance of vertical lines, but also depressions on the nails. Another condition is patchy bleeding. It is a tiny blood clot that causestiny vertical lines of red or reddish-brown under the nail, often as a result of trauma to the nail caused by bleeding. If you don’t know what’s causing the bleeding under your nails, you should consider seeing a dermatologist. Other medical conditions that can cause vertical lines to appear on the nails include:

    • Nail dysplasia ( Also known as “sandpaper nail”)

    • peripheral vascular disease

    • type Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Therefore,Simple vertical nail lines are a normal physiological phenomenon< span>, does not mean that the body is in an unhealthy state; if it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as roughness, brittleness, depression or color changes not caused by aging, it may be a sign of other diseases, but not Causes cannot be determined simply by symptoms, and needs to be diagnosed by a doctor. Vertical lines on your nails, like white hair on your head, tend to increase with age. Although not everyone gets vertical nail lines, there is no effective way to stop them from forming.

    How to reduce vertical lines?

    1. Nail careTrim barbs, trim nails frequently, and apply hand cream to the On the nails, and increase the blood circulation of the nail bed through massage, which is conducive to fully nourishing the nails and maintaining the natural and healthy state of the nails.

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    2. Avoid damage to the nailsExcessive sharpening with a file, biting the nails, and using strong chemicals or solvents can cause damage to the nails. may have health problems.

    • Excessive sanding with a file or polishing stick can cause damage and thinning of the nail, resulting in < strong>Cause infection, and even aggravate vertical lines; Causes greater damage and may even lead to local skin damage;

    • When strong chemicals or solvents must be used, it is best to protect nails bywearing gloves;

    • Do not use waterless hand sanitizers with high alcohol content to clean your hands. Alcohol can dry out your nails and make them more brittle.

    Avoid over-sharpening the file, reprint without authorization >3. Balanced dietAlthough vertical lines on the nails do not mean that the body is in a state of disease, you still cannot ignore it, because it may be an unbalanced diet As a result, an unbalanced diet is itself an unhealthy behavior that can lead to systemic health problems in the long run.

    balanced diet, reprinted without authorization, >A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein can help improve the condition of your nails, hair, skin and even your entire body. Eat whole grains, green vegetables, and fruits regularly to achieve the recommended vitamin intake. Vitamin B and vitamin C are especially important for nail growth and repair, so if your diet is deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients, consider supplementing them accordingly.

    Stripes on your nails? Pay attention!

    Under normal circumstances, vertical lines on the nails are not a sign of disease, and the appearance of horizontal lines is more worrying. The horizontal lines on the nails are called transverse grooves, also known as Beau’s Lines, which are grooves that run from side to side on the nail or toenail, usually Very deep, and multiple streaks may appear, due to a temporary blockage in the formation of deck proteins. Beau’s lines are often a sign of malnutrition or serious illness, and can also be caused by trauma, requiring a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

    Bauer’s line, picture source: WikipediaAmong them, vitamin B deficiency may lead to horizontal nail striations . Vitamin B is a vitamin with a key function in cell growth, and vitamin B 12 promotes nail growth. In addition to this, deficiency of vitamin C, zinc and calcium can also lead to abnormal nails. In conclusion, vitamin deficiencies can result from poor absorption of vitamins or an unhealthy diet. If nail stripes persist, or if your nails show discoloration such as yellow or green, consult your doctor right away. With Beau’s lines, the nails may stop growing until the underlying condition is treated. When Beau’s lines appear on most fingernails and toenails, it may be a manifestation of the following diseases:

    • < span>Acute Kidney Disease

    • diabetes

    • thyroid disease

    • < span>Syphilis

    Also, Beau’s lines can appear in people who are immunosuppressed, have severe infections, or have had chemotherapy. In conclusion, any level of development of striae nails should be diagnosed by a doctor as soon as possible.

    A bigger crescent is healthier?

    It has long been thought that the “crescents” on the nails are linked to health, but it’s not. Commonly known as “Crescent Moon”, the nail and half moon is actually a newly grown keratinocyte, which grows faster and pushes the dead keratinocyte to move forward, forming a transparent keratin. Against the background of the subungual skin, the pink nails that we see with the naked eye are formed.

    The copyright picture of the gallery is not authorized to reproduce.The size of the thumb is related to the frequency and strength of the thumb. The half moon is the largest, while the nail half moon of the little finger and ring finger is the smallest, or even none. But be careful, if the crescent on your nails suddenly gets bigger or smaller, it may be a thyroid problem.


    Most of the time, vertical lines on your nails are a natural result of aging and nothing to worry about. However, if accompanying changes in nail color, brittlenessor levels Bauer’s line is a sign of malnutrition or underlying disease in the body. A varied and healthy diet may have positive implications for building strong, healthy nails and preventing the formation of nail lines. Author: Pang Zhiyu

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