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▲Actor Ma Tianyu. Photo/Weibo account @Ma Tianyu
According to Jiupai News, on the afternoon of August 2, actor Ma Tianyu issued a message calling for Ctrip, saying that Ctrip used big data to “kill”, “Mingming three More than 1,000 tickets, clicked in, it will become more than 6,000, and finally it will become more than 10,000.” At present, Ctrip has not responded to the matter.
In recent years, as the application of big data technology becomes more and more mature, accusations about the “killing” of big data have repeatedly appeared in the field of public opinion. In March of this year, the results of a survey on Internet consumption big data “killing” published by the Beijing Consumers Association showed that over 80% of the respondents had been “killed” by big data, mainly in online shopping, online travel, takeaway and online shopping. Car-hailing and other consumer areas. This survey result, to a certain extent, illustrates the prevalence of big data “killing”.
The content of Ma Tianyu’s call to Ctrip this time, Ctrip had better respond to relevant matters in a timely manner to quell public doubts. After all, according to what Ma Tianyu described, the increase in ticket prices has not only increased a little bit, but has doubled, which has brought a considerable impact on the psychological feelings of consumers.
If there is really big data “killing” in this matter, then Ctrip has violated the vital interests of consumers and is suspected of violating existing relevant laws and regulations.
The “Personal Information Protection Law”, which was officially implemented in November last year, clarifies that when personal information processors use personal information to make automated decision-making, they should ensure the transparency of decision-making and the fairness and impartiality of the results. Unreasonable differential treatment in trading conditions.
The clear relevant principles of the new law obviously require market entities to resolutely implement them in reality, and not to cheat or cheat, so as to maintain the actual effectiveness and authority of the law. And if there is no big data “killing”, then Ctrip should come forward to respond and explain and clarify relevant questions.
Once big data is used to “kill”, it will undoubtedly further damage the principle of market fairness , and thus undermine the vitality of the digital economy. Figure/IC photo
In fact, this is not the first time that Ctrip has caused public controversy because of big data “killing”. In May 2018, there were media reports that old users who booked hotels through the Ctrip app displayed higher prices than new registered users. At that time, Ctrip denied the content of the media reports, but said it would optimize product design and page display.
This time, Ctrip is once again accused of using big data technology to “kill familiarity”, which will once again make consumers contact the disputes it has been involved in before, which will have an impact on the corporate reputation.
With the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Law, consumers can claim to safeguard their rights and interests through legal channels. However, enterprises must also be clear that the value of big data technology lies in improving market efficiency and meeting the differentiated needs of consumers, rather than using advanced technology to create an information gap and infringe on consumers’ rights and interests. If big data is used to “kill familiarity”, it will undoubtedly further damage the principle of market fairness, and then attack the vitality of the digital economy.
In reality, the reason why the phenomenon of “killing cooked” big data is widespread is related to the short-sightedness and luck of the enterprise. However, with the implementation of the “Personal Information Protection Law”, the supervision and application of big data technology is moving from the original “extensive model” to the legal track of refined supervision.
On this basis, relevant enterprises must take the law as the basic criterion and bottom line for their business behavior, continuously improve their own business compliance, and resolutely eliminate incidents that infringe on consumers’ rights and interests. This is critical to the future development of a business.
In addition to the relevant questions raised by the parties that need to be responded to in a timely manner, consumers who have been plagued by big data “killing” for a long time also need a reasonable answer. If there is a big data “killing” and other violations of laws and regulations, it is also necessary for the supervision department to take action in a timely manner and bring it into the legal track.
Writing / Beijing News commentator Ma Xiaolong
Editor / Xu Qiuying
Proofreading / Chen Diyan