Ma Tianyu complained that Ctrip’s food was too ugly: more than 3,000 tickets were counted in more than 10,000

On August 2, Ma Tianyu posted a message calling for a substantial increase in Ctrip ticket prices: “It’s a bit disgusting to have your data on It’s obviously more than 3,000 tickets, and it becomes more than 6,000 after clicking on it, and finally it becomes one. It’s too ugly to eat!!!” And complained again in the comment area: “Spicy chicken!”

In addition, Not only Ma Tianyu questioned Ctrip’s big data, but also consumers directly complained to the complaint website.

On the black cat complaint, some users complained that the ticket price from Hangzhou to France on June 29 was 12,034 yuan before clicking to pay, and the remaining 4 tickets were displayed, but the tickets were displayed when paying. If the price changes, it will automatically exit the payment interface.

Because I was anxious and afraid of running out of tickets, I continued to choose this flight to pay for tickets. At this time, the amount was displayed as 14,374 yuan, and the price suddenly increased by 2,344 yuan for no reason.

On July 4th, he entered Ctrip to continue searching for the flight, but it showed that there were 5 tickets left, the price was 12,030 yuan. Ask Ctrip to give a reasonable explanation, why the price of the ticket has not changed after repeatedly refreshing the ticket before purchasing, but suddenly the price has risen sharply when paying? ! Ask Ctrip to refund the difference.

Some users broke the news that the price of the air ticket he had seen on the Ctrip APP was 17,548 yuan. Because he found that he did not fill in the reimbursement certificate, he could only return the order. buy again. Searching for the ticket again, I found that the price has become 18,987 yuan, which is 1,439 yuan more expensive.

He cleared the cookie information in the mobile app (recording user data), uninstalled the app, and tried to buy again, but it was still 18,987 yuan. I had no choice but to download the HNA APP and found that the fare was 16,890 yuan, which was 658 yuan cheaper than the price I saw on Ctrip for the first time.

Before, due to the change in fares, Ctrip also appeared on the hot search. In this regard, Liang Jianzhang, chairman of Ctrip’s board of directors, denied in an interview that “Ctrip’s big data is familiar.”

Airlines will raise prices if they forecast high demand for air tickets at a certain stage, he said. “It’s not because of the increase in search volume, but because of the increase in sales, the airline will adjust the price based on the sales volume.”