Lotus in Jinan Quancheng Park

Text Picture| Zhang Yixia

Hey everyone, pay attention and report a good news: lotus flowers in Jinan Quancheng Park It’s blooming, and the lotus flowers in the major parks are blooming. The little trumpet kept reporting the good news.

Jinan is a city soaked in spring water. The spring water nourishes lotus flowers, and lotus flowers dress up Jinan. Not only are the lotus flowers blooming in major parks such as Daming Lake and Quancheng Park, but even in front of the “Anhui Renjia” restaurant, there are rare lotus flowers blooming, which makes people linger and feel refreshed.

In the early morning of July 17, 2022, Jinan blue appeared in the sky without hesitation. My colleagues and I went to the Xiaodong Lake in Quancheng Park to take lotus pictures. The lotus leaves and beautiful lotus flowers in the pond were just washed by the heavy rain last night. They were clean and refreshing. They were full of energy and greeted us with smiles. The rising sun shines on the lotus pond through the branches. It is as beautiful as an oil painting and as beautiful as a fairyland.

We took out the camera as fast as we could, put on a tripod, and got busy taking pictures of the beautiful face of the lotus in 2022. It’s just the limitation of photography technology that fails to show their full beauty.

Jinan people are really blessed, they are accompanied by lotus flowers in summer and nourished by spring water all year round.

I will show you first.

Open to the rising sun.

Lotus: Little Bee, how did you go?

Little Bee: I’ll be back later!

The sun shines on the lotus pond.

I like sunshine too.

Although thank you, I have to live a wonderful life at this stage.

Compare to see who is prettier.

I hide and seek the sun.

I am a red flower in a lotus pond.

Lotus Leaf said: I am a glorious flower guardian, shielding flowers from wind and rain.

We will never be apart.

Some people say I am white.< /p>

I have suffered some setbacks in my growth, so I am thin and my waist is not straight, but I have my own unique appearance. Unexpectedly, spiders are quietly on my body A small net is woven underneath to protect me.

You need to zoom in to see it.

It tells my sister that outside The world is wonderful, with lots of people taking pictures of us on the lakeshore and bees singing for us.

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