Local +16291 cases! Taiwan reports 53 new deaths, 3-year-old girl died three days later

The Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced today (25) that 17,127 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia were added on the island, including 16,921 local cases and 206 imported cases. Local cases hit a record low in 86 days. There were 53 new deaths.

The command center said 16,921 new local cases were added today, 7,981 males, 8,931 females, and 9 investigations Medium; aged between 5 and 90 years old; cases are distributed in New Taipei City (2,955 cases), Taichung City (2,051 cases), Taoyuan City (1,847 cases), Kaohsiung City (1,767 cases), Taipei City (1,727 cases) ), Tainan City (1,380 cases), Changhua County (830 cases), Hsinchu County (479 cases), Miaoli County (478 cases), Pingtung County (452 ​​cases), Yunlin County (439 cases), Yilan County (361 cases) cases), Chiayi County (337 cases), Hsinchu City (336 cases), Nantou County (324 cases), Hualien County (309 cases), Keelung City (237 cases), Chiayi City (182 cases), Taitung County (171 cases) Cases), Kinmen County (125 cases), Penghu County (118 cases), Matsu (16 cases).

The command center pointed out that there were 53 new local deaths today, including 29 males and 24 females, aged from under 5 years old to over 90 years old, all of which were severe infections and 48 cases. Chronic

According to reports, 81 new cases of moderately severe disease and 53 deaths were added today. Luo Yijun, deputy head of the medical response team of the command center, said that there was a new child death case today, a 3-year-old girl who died three days after the onset of the disease. The cause of death was encephalitis combined with heart and lung failure.

The age of the dead cases ranged from less than 5 years old to more than 90 years old, 48 cases had a history of chronic diseases, 35 cases had not received three doses of vaccine completely, and 30 cases were over the age of 30. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 20,271 cases of moderate and severe cases, of which 7,796 have died.

Luo Yijun said that there was a new death case of childhood encephalitis, a three-year-old girl with no history of chronic diseases. On July 21, he developed a high fever, which was confirmed by quick screening. On the 22nd, the high fever continued to reach 41.1 degrees and was rushed to the hospital. The patient had a change of consciousness, suspected encephalitis was found by computed tomography, and later he developed respiratory distress symptoms. He was admitted to the intensive care unit with emergency intubation, and was treated with drugs such as brain pressure lowering and steroids. On the 23rd, his condition deteriorated and he died after rescue. Cardiopulmonary failure.

It is reported that there are currently 118 severe cases in children under the age of 12, including 25 cases of encephalitis, 19 cases of pneumonia, 3 cases of sepsis, 8 cases of croup, 1 case of myocarditis, 53 cases of MIS-C, and a total of There were 3 cases, and 6 cases died before arriving at the hospital; the death cases remained at 25 cases.

In addition, among the 206 new imported cases today, 111 were male and 95 were female; the age ranged from under 5 years old to over 80 years old, and the entry date was between June 24 and July 24th. (Xue Yang/Editor)