Living in a detached house, soaking in the swimming pool, listening to insects on the top of the mountain late at night – sharing four days and three nights of summer in Mogan Mountain

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I am with Two friends, our three families, often set up a “baby walk” together, making appointments to check in various resort hotels. In the past two years of the epidemic, because we couldn’t travel far, we almost lived in Ningbo’s “back garden” – Dongqian Lake.

With the unblocking of Shanghai a while ago, all parts of the country also breathed a sigh of relief, and the “ban” within each unit began to relax, so we quickly organized a game and made an appointment with Moganshan for four days and three days. Evening self-driving tour. Because it involves taking leave, this process is not easy to say. In the end, we decided to travel on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for a total of three nights.

Selecting a hotel/route

Although it is called “walking the baby” when traveling with children, the purpose of choosing the Moganshan Mountain is actually very obvious—— It’s nothing more than a summer vacation, a good quiet and quiet, and relax. Anyway, as long as the three children are together, they can have a good time anywhere.

But since you have children, you can’t ignore them completely. It’s hard to travel far away, and you have to give them a lot of insight. After a brief walkthrough, we learned that the Zhejiang Natural Museum has a branch in Anji, Huzhou, so we had the idea of ​​punching in.

It just so happens that a friend of mine is also on a certain hill at the junction of Anji and Mogan Mountains (on the side of County Anli). ) opened a homestay, and when I asked that the homestay was not too far from the museum, I decided to stay at a friend’s homestay for the first night.

Just as we were looking for a suitable hotel, the site released the Twenty House The price broke the news: 999 yuan does not increase the price on weekends, and it also includes a full meal, which is invincible.

I looked at the room type and the word of mouth was not bad, so the second night was also settled. But all the houses were booked out that night on the weekend, and we could only choose to stay at the Twenty House on Monday.

Considering that traveling in a group has the advantages that single-family travel does not have, we decided to book a single-family house with only one night left. In this way, the house has an independent swimming pool, and children can play in the water more freely and more relaxedly.

In the end, we chose the cheaper Hui Xin Valley

Unfortunately, this Huixin Valley is on the same hill as the Twenty Houses set up earlier, and the two hotels are built opposite each other, only separated by a road . This also saved us from the boat and car fatigue when we changed hotels, it was perfect!

So the three-night hotel was finalized, in order:

  • Yundi·Bamboo Sea Qingju

  • Huixin Valley

  • Twenty Houses strong>

Strictly speaking, these three are all “homestays”. But the only one that really can be regarded as a homestay is actually the first “Yundi” opened by a friend; the latter two whether it is “Huixingu” or “Twenty House”, have already introduced standardization It can only be regarded as a unique “B&B” in Huzhou.

PS: When arranging the itinerary, you can try to arrange the expensive hotel to stay on non-weekends, so that the total cost will be reduced.

The next sharing will also be carried out in a timeline, commenting on the three hotels I stayed at. During the period, we will also intersperse our dining situation, and briefly talk about my views on Huzhou dining.

Zhejiang Natural Museum (Anji Branch)

If you bring children like us Going to Huzhou for vacation, then I still recommend going to the Zhejiang Natural Museum.

The visit is completely free, but you need to make an appointment in advance on the public account (Zhejiang Natural Museum)

The museum is very large, and it is divided into Preface Hall, Geology Hall, Ecology Hall, Behring Hall, Dinosaur Hall, Natural Art Hall, Oceanographic Hall and temporaryspecial exhibition hall. Each pavilion is divided into two floors and also has a restaurant. It is very tiring to want to go through it all seriously, and it is probably a little difficult without a half day.

Our three families are all boys, and we are very fond of dinosaurs. The museum is more interesting, and the time spent is longer; the ecological museum and the geological museum are also more distinctive, and there are many new things that children can’t touch on weekdays; the rest of the museums are more casual.< br/>

The day I went was Saturday, there were a lot of people. The management of the museum is not bad, the maintenance is also good, the various specimens are in good condition, they look very realistic, and the children can see it very well. It is said that the scale is comparable to that of the Shanghai Natural History Museum. If the schedule is not compact, you can go shopping.


The hotel where I stayed on the first night was a friend’s B&B, located at the junction of Moganshan and Anji, on the same hill as the familiar Jun Anli.

We went straight to Yundi after visiting the museum. Everyone was a little tired and hungry at the time. Although we already knew that the B&B was on the top of the mountain, it was a bit beyond our psychological expectations to drive higher and higher all the way. The mountain road is not wide. , just enough for two cars to pass. The mountain road is full of bamboo seas, and in the evening sunset, we can see that we are in a good mood.

< /p>

I imagined what the B&B would look like countless times before I went there, and I was still a little overjoyed when I arrived. outside. Especially the platform where the swimming pool is located, the viewing position of the bamboo sea is excellent, and the front view is completely unobstructed!

It was already evening when we arrived, and we settled on a table by the pool for dinner. Picture It was the little brother in the store who was busy cleaning up

We were busy checking in at this time. I walked to the balcony of the room and looked down. The top of the mountain at this point has already shown a cleanliness that I can never feel on weekdays. There is a kind of peace that cannot be felt at all in the city, this feeling is very Indescribable.

Because it is not easy to purchase supplies at the top of the mountain, the dishes are ordered the day before our departure. As our first meal in Huzhou, maybe it was because we were busy at noon and didn’t have a good meal. The group of six agreed that Auntie’s cooking tastes good~

< /img>

So we ended our dinner with the sound of cicadas and frogs. I have to say that this is really a long-lost feeling. I seem to have found the comfortable feeling of eating in the courtyard of an old rural house when I was a child.

I would like to bring my parents to experience it when I have a chance.

Children don’t want to eat well, just eat some soil eggs and fruits, and play while we are too lazy to care about them With Switch, it’s very comfortable

< p>Of course, if you have leisure time, you can also read a book or have a quiet drink.

But where can’t you read the book? At this time, we were immersed in the sunset and evening wind, and we were reluctant to enter the room at all.

I was with one that night Friends chatted while drinking drinks by the pool, and sat until midnight. It was a big summer day, but the wind on the top of the mountain was unexpectedly cool, even after sitting for a long time, I could even feel a little cool. At this time, the state of the whole personIt’s just totally relaxing.

It is worth mentioning that there are fireflies in the grass behind the back, the number is not too many, they flicker after dark, it is suitable for children to open their eyes~< /p>

This picture is the sunset shot by a friend on the top of the mountain with a mobile phone. If you are enthusiastic, you can also get up early to watch the sunrise. Of course, it is impossible for a lazy person like me to get up early.

The feeling of this night is to return to nature: pure countryside, pure homestay, pure farm food…but the environment The layout is very attentive, and the sanitary state is also very satisfactory. The only disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to go up and down the mountain, and meals and other consumption can only be done at the top of the mountain. If you are alone with your baby, the children may not be able to bear the loneliness; if it is just to escape from the world, it is the right place.

The price of homestays in Moganshan is ridiculously high today, this homestay at the junction of Moganshan and Anji is recommended for everyone to try!

The next day I measured the altitude with my watch on the top of the mountain, it was nearly 450 meters, it was really a good place to escape

In addition, B&Bs can be charged, so friends who drive trams don’t have to worry about the cruising range.

Hui Xingu

Huixin Valley is our second stop, It made us the most anticipated stop – because this night was a single-family villa. The villa has its own swimming pool and a living room for chatting. All facilities are perfect.

The swimming pool is in front of the house. It is said that the building we stayed in was once a model room of the hotel because of its good view. Reasonably speaking, the field of vision is indeed wide, but because the altitude is not high, it does not feel like a glimpse of the mountains

but There is an advantage. If you want to see the sunrise, you don’t need to climb the mountain, just get up and sit by the pool and wait.

This is a sunrise shot by a friend at 4:00 in the morning, but it seems to have been processed in post, but you can feel the mood

The existence of the independent swimming pool makes this day the longest day we spend in the water in years. The three children who used to be afraid of water have all gone crazy and are no longer afraid of water. We teased that this trip was “worth it”

Dinner was eaten in the hotel restaurant, and the taste is quite satisfactory, not bad , nothing special. We are 6 adults and 3 children, and we ate seven or eight hundred yuan. Compared with the house price, the price of eating is not expensive.

A special mention is this “Queen’s dish“, which is actually Stir-fried sweet potato vines, I think the taste is not bad, I recommend everyone to try

There is also a dish that I forgot to name, it is actually fried pumpkin vines, it tastes good It’s a bit rough, and it’s refreshing without the sweet potato vine.

After eating and returning to the room, the children watched “Ultraman” with their legs crossed and we chatted on the phone for a while. It was late at night, they dispersed and went back to the room to rest. I have to say that it was really comfortable.

Let’s talk about the minibar in Huixingu, all of which are messy drinks, and the dates are very stale, really…

As mentioned earlier, the house where we will stay for the third night is on the same hill as this Huixin Valley (Giraffe Manor is at the foot of the hill). The building circled in the above picture is the Twenty House we can see from the highest point of Huixin Valley

Behind us When you live in the twenty houses and look at the top of the mountain, you can also clearly see the Huixin Valley. This kind of feeling is very wonderful

I thought about it, this hotel actually has no supporting facilities. In addition to having dinner and taking a walk on the mountain trails, the public swimming pool is located on the top of the mountain, and it is only a small one. I’d be pretty bored if I hadn’t lived in a detached house like we did.

I personally suggest that two or three families go there and pack a single house, the experience will be much better . Children also have company for each other. Otherwise, the hotels in Moganshan are hidden in the vast bamboo forest, and there is nothing around, it is a bit lonely.

Although Huixingu wears the guise of a “homestay”, it is actually operated by the standardized process of a hotel. Including the shuttle bus service and the buffet breakfast the next day, all are implemented in accordance with the large chain hotels. However, it is a pity that the breakfast is still a bit monotonous, probably only at the level of Kaiyuan, which is worse than Narada.

Twenty House

If it weren’t for the news on the site, I might not have paid attention to this homestay .

The package price of 999 yuan includes a full meal in the hotel’s self-operated restaurant under the tree, which is equivalent to a room price of only 600 or 700 yuan, which is really worth it in this season!

We asked for three rooms in total, two of which are “Bamboo Hidden Mountain Residence Duplex “, and the other is “LOFT Family Room with Forest View” – the difference between the two can be simply understood as the difference between a large flat and a small villa.

The decoration of the room looks relatively plain, and it is not very “photogenic” from the photos, but I feel that it is definitely worth the price in this season. Moreover, this house is very willing in bathroom and toiletries, and it can be said that it has also worked hard in terms of detailed experience.

As we know We all thought that the Duplex Room of Zhuyin Mountain Residence had only two floors – but when we arrived at the hotel, we found that this room type actually has a small “loft” with two small beds, which really made our jaw drop.

The second floor is the living room, with a TV, coffee table, and a long bar, which is very suitable for friends to sit and chat. There is also a free mini bar in the living room, which also exceeded our expectations. And according to the number of beds, it is very suitable for a small family of four or five people to travel together, and the cost performance is very high.

The hotel is not big, the lobby and restaurant are together, and there is a so-called “art gallery” in the same building . However, the art museum is a private art museum, with a small area and no air conditioning, so there is no experience.

This picture was taken from the balcony of the art gallery. There is a small outdoor swimming pool among the bamboo forests on the first floor.

We originally planned to play in the water after dinner, but the result was At five o’clock, there was a strong wind and rain, so I didn’t experience it.

The most impressive thing is the free plan. We had two sets of the same set menu, and the restaurant was very kind to help us adjust the dishes.

We were still worried about not having enough to eat. We originally planned to order some extra, but when we arrived at the restaurant, we found that the amount of food was very large. Our group of 6 was big and 3 small, and it was enough to eat two dishes with the equivalent of a set meal. What’s more, the quality of this restaurant’s free set meal far exceeded our expectations, and may even be the best dish I’ve had in days – except for the taste is a bit salty /strong>

I especially recommend his Kimchi, which is delicious and crispy. Called the ceiling of the kimchi world

If you want to evaluate it as a whole, I think the price of 999 yuan including a meal is excellent. Twenty House and Huixin Valley are on the same hill, only separated by a road, but the price of the latter is a notch higher than the former. I think on the one hand, it is because the location of Huixin Valley is higher and the view is better; on the other hand, the price of Huixin Valley is higher The operating cost should also be more than that of this twenty house.

The simplest example is breakfast: Huixingu provides standard self-service in hotels; Package

This set is very balanced in nutrition, and also takes into account different taste preferences. The only thing I have to complain about is this cup of fruit orange, which I feel like it has been diluted with water. I don’t know if it was because I had a bad mouth that day…

To our surprise, when I left the store, the butler told me that there was a souvenir – a watermelon per household. Although the unit price of the gift is not high, it is indeed a pleasant surprise.

The feeling of this hotel is that the details are very attentive, such as bathroom supplies, souvenirs, and restaurant dishes, all of which are the characteristics of this hotel . In terms of price/performance ratio, The hardware and services provided by the hotel are worthy of its price.

The problem is that, like other hotels in Moganshan, they are too secluded and not suitable for single families to bring children. There are no facilities around the hotel, and it is very hot during the day. If it is not like us, the children can play with each other, it is really boring. In addition, if you like to take pictures, this hotel is not easy to produce pictures, which is a small regret.


This is my third trip to Huzhou. I lived in Banyan Tree Anji before, and I also checked in the lakeside villa in Kaiyuan Senbo. On this trip, I felt like I saw another completely different Huzhou.

If you come to play, it is recommended that three nights are just right: one night to experience an authentic homestay; another night to experience a standard hotel-style hotel in a homestay; another night is decided according to your budget and preferences.

Several well-known homestays are distributed according to different “mountains”, and the overall is relatively scattered. It’s best to do your homework before you leave. We brought children on this trip, so we didn’t go rafting; because it hasn’t rained for a long time, we didn’t find the stream to play with water. These are regrets. Living for too long is still a bit boring, after all, there is almost nothing around, and the scenery is only bamboo forest.

I especially want to complain about the restaurants in Huzhou. There are basically no supporting facilities around the homestay, and even farmhouses are very underdeveloped, I feel that this is a shortcoming of Huzhou’s tourism industry. When you enter the mountains, you basically have to eat at the corresponding homestay. The price of meals is basically stable at 100-120 yuan per capita (excluding children), which is reasonable.

This trip is three nights, The first night is the most relaxing and peaceful; the second night is the most fun, playing The craziest thing; the third night starts to pick up the heart, the best value for money. I thought it was very cool to escape the summer heat in the mountains, but in fact it was still unbearably hot during the day, and I dared not go out. It’s just that in the evening, it does get cooler in the mountains. Taking a walk on the bamboo forest trail after dinner is a unique experience.

Finally, I will give you an economic account:

We drove there from Ningbo and drove two trams. Except for the high-speed fee, the electricity fee can be basically ignored, and the round-trip cost of a bicycle is about Around 250 yuan. In addition to the money spent on accommodation and meals, the average household spends about 4.5K – an average of 1.5K per night (including three meals). At this price, even finding a resort hotel in the city is hard to beat, let alone Moganshan in peak season. So overall everyone is quite satisfied.

Oh yes, the mineral water from Moganshan is delicious and sweet! When I have time, I will sort out the experience of staying in various hotels around the lake in Dongqian Lake, Ningbo, and make a big collection. You are welcome to continue to pay attention.

Insist on doing attitude evaluations and produce warm content. I’m Tomato, see you in the next article~

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