Live Preview ▏World Hepatitis Day: In the hot summer, beware of hepatitis E, which is “sick from the mouth”!

It is understood that the epidemic of viral hepatitis is one of the important public health problems in the world. C, D, and E are five major types of infectious diseases, which are the most frequently reported Class B infectious diseases in China. Among them, about 20 million people are infected with hepatitis E every year, 3.4 million people are infected, and 70,000 people die, ranking first in acute hepatitis. Compared with hepatitis A, the fatality rate is more than 10 times higher than that of hepatitis A. The vast developing countries such as China, India, Central Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and North Africa have become the high-endemic areas of viral hepatitis E. Hepatitis E has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a major emerging public health problem in developing countries…

Although hepatitis E has a high infection rate and morbidity, it The common people have very little understanding of hepatitis E. In order to improve the common people’s understanding of hepatitis E and comprehensively curb the threat of hepatitis E to common people’s health, on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, the cover news specially invited the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital to be infected. Two experts from the department of obstetrics and obstetrics re-understand the invisible health killer hidden around us – “hepatitis E”.

Do you know a type of “eat out” hepatitis?

Do you know the main routes of transmission of hepatitis E?

Do you know who are susceptible to hepatitis E infection?

Do you know the dangers of hepatitis E to pregnant women?

Do you know how to avoid hepatitis E virus infection?


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