Liu Yong’s very disgusting poem, half a lifetime arrogant to face his wife but very humble, the opening chapter is amazing

As a scholar, Liu Yong should be considered a loser. He was obviously born in a family of officials, but because he was too self-willed after falling off the list, he never became an official in his life. As a poet, Liu Yong is undoubtedly successful. His graceful and graceful ci was unmatched by other poets. Liu Yong never fell out of the top 5 in various Song Dynasty ci writers rankings, and his fame was not inferior to Su Shi at that time.

Although the scholars did not like Liu Yong’s words, Su Shi told his disciple Qin Guan not to learn from him, and Yan Shu had nothing to laugh at him, but he could not stop his popularity among the people, and later there was a saying that “where there is well water, you can sing willow words” . His golden phrases, such as “even if there are thousands of styles, don’t talk to anyone else” and “the belt is gradually widened and never regretted, make people haggard for Yixiao”, have been sought after as soon as they came out. He was also very crazy himself, claiming to be the white-clothed minister who wrote the words. Obviously, the reason why so many poignant love words can be written is because Liu Yong has really been passionate and unruly for half his life.

However, Liu Yong, who was so arrogant and arrogant, was very humble in the face of his wife. After Liu Yong separated from his wife, he wrote a song called “Partridge Heaven” saucy love words. In the words, Liu Yong turned into a kind of love, and wrote all his thoughts about his wife. Let us have a taste together:

“Partridge Day”

Blowing through the smoke into the night wind. A Xuan Mingyue is on the curtain. Because the road is far away and the person is still far away, even if the heart is the same, the sleep is not the same.

I am very emotional. Biyun went back and found no trace. It should only be in the forward life, and love to cage the mandarin ducks in two places.

This poem was written when Liu Yong was a teenager, when he left Bianjing to go to the future and separated from his wife briefly. The top part of the poem writes his thoughts about his wife. The breeze blows away the night fog. The poet looks at the full moon in the sky from the window and misses the beautiful woman in the distance. “The wind in the night” and “the upper curtain”, the use of the two verbs, is vivid and agile, and it is amazing at the beginning.

The next two sentences, It is a person who is pregnant with Yue, and the two are thousands of miles apart. Although they are of the same heart, they cannot sleep together. The focus of these two sentences is on the word “surprised”. The poet, who had fallen into long thoughts, suddenly realized the fact that “there is still a long way to go”, and this sudden sobriety is the most hurtful.

The use of two overlapping words in the lower part of the word strengthens the tone. And “Biyun goes back and recognizes no trace” is actually a pun. It is not only writing about the scene in front of you, but also writing that the other party is far away in the sky. Even if you want to turn into Yun’er to be with you for a long time, you can’t find her trace. This sentence is translated In fact, it is the ancient version of “you are the wind, I am the sand”.

The last stroke is the whole word The best part is that the poet attributes the pain of parting that he has to endure today to the mistakes he made in his previous life. He felt that it was probably because he had put two mandarin ducks in two cages, and now he was in such a miserable situation. It seems that this is writing mandarin ducks, but in fact it is also writing about the poet and his wife himself. It is very clever to talk about lovesickness in an empathetic way.

and other words of Liu Yong Comparing it with other works, the biggest feature of this poem is its lyrical twists and turns. From Yefeng and Mingyue to think that people are far away and cannot be together; from Parting to think of going to pursue, but in the end they can’t find them. These two turning points make the whole word moving with twists and turns. At the same time, it can be seen that although Liu Yong, who has filled in love words for half his life, is arrogant, he is quite humble in love in front of his wife. Many experts and scholars have studied many classics, but have not found any information about Liu Yong’s wife, which has also become a mystery in the literary world. Do you like this song? Discussions are welcome.