“Listening to Songs and Essays” sings and cry to people from afar

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Singing and crying for people from afar

——I am impressed by Lei Yu’s song “Easy to Meet You”

Text/Zhou Shenbao

Lei Yu, female, grass-roots singer in Xi’an, obsessed with music, good at singing affectionate songs, often on summer nights, walking on the streets of the city, in the open-air song gardens in parks, Light up ordinary life with singing.

Singing has become a habit and compulsory course for her just like eating. The rhythm and musicality are nourishing the beauty of her temperament. There is a kind of elegant appearance of a folk singer in her.

I heard a song sung by Lei Yu in Yannan Park in Xi’an. The song is called “It’s easy to meet you, but it’s hard to meet you”, and I was deeply touched.

Lei Yu’s singing is sweet, crisp and beautiful, with a wide range of voices and a loud voice, which has a good physiological foundation for music. With the attitude of improving music theory and singing practice, she seizes every possible time and opportunity to enrich her music knowledge, strengthens the cultivation and technical skills of singing and singing, and learns to sing, learn to sing, bring A strong and thirsty desire for knowledge, assiduously researching vocal techniques such as raising, stabilizing, and turning. On the premise of studying the artistic characteristics of the original singing of each song, form its own musical language characteristics and structural form, and constantly seek this context from songs of various genres, and do not stick to the original song during the singing process. Strive to give new, personalized treatments. She seizes the two or three hours of singing outdoors every night, figuring out the singing style of powerful singers, asking experienced singers for advice, learning and exchanging singing experience of a certain song in the interval of singing. , begged them to point out the maze, and then auditioned on the spot, and finally it became clear. In order to sing on the right pitch, make the songs sung naturally and smoothly in the ups and downs, and make people feel at least comfortable, let the talented singer sing with her, and sing the same song together. In the process, find out your own shortcomings from every link, so that over time, you will make a qualitative leap in your singing level.

Lei Yu’s singing covers a wide range of topics, and is full of positive energy and human touch, which makes people realize and aftertaste.

She sang “Easy to Meet You, Difficult to Meet”, with easy-to-understand lyrics, a humanized love song. Listening to this song, you will realize those frontier soldiers defending the country, those working brothers and sisters in cities thousands of miles away, those experts and scholars who develop space missiles and submarine motherships in the vast desert and ocean… Although they have modern video calls with their lovers, couples, and relatives, how difficult it is to hold hands, meet in person, and feel that skin-to-skin relationship! Some of them are engaged in high-tech and highly confidential work. In order to keep state secrets, they have been dedicated to the frontier and experimental fields for several years and more than ten years, but they have never heard from them. “The helplessness and torment can be imagined.

On weekdays, strolling along the roadside and food street next to urban construction sites, you will witness a huge red helmet walking around, carrying a large water glass and walking heavy and arrogant. In the eyes, the black and brown faces all reveal the desire and expectation of “going home for happiness”. Some are eating boxed lunches or meat sandwiches and making video calls with distant family members, lovers and sweethearts. Parents are short and flirtatious. , children’s homework… everything is possible. After the video call is hung up, there is a displeased or knowing smile on their faces. Some of them put down the tableware and chopsticks and shook their heads. Feeling of helplessness, at this time, did he (she) also sing this song in their hearts – “It’s easy to meet you, but difficult to meet you”.

These working brothers and sisters, when the sun goes down, take off their work clothes, put on seasonal dresses, walk in Yannan Park, look for melodious songs, wear bamboo forests, cross grass paths, and cross the vast On the lawn, come to the long red chairs that surround, or stand, or sit, and listen to songs in relaxation. Those down-to-earth, human-like melodies and songs made them forget everything. With the songs, their thoughts were put on the wings of flying, and the emotions of family and love were rippling with the wind. Their favorite songs are “I miss you easy to meet” and “Mom is at home” and “Hand in hand and talk to each other”. Love is the eternal theme, and those fascinating emotional songs make people, especially those who have been away from their hometown for a long time, never tire of listening to them…

People are not plants and trees, but they are ruthless. After listening to this song, your first love, your past encounters, your deceased relatives and sweethearts are like playing a movie. Filtered again and again, the sadness and helplessness caused at this time will turn into hot tears, reluctantly squeezed out of the corners of the eyes, dripping on the bare skin under skirts and shorts, even if mosquitoes bite, it is dazed I don’t know, strings of pearly hot tears drip down, drop drops on your legs and hands, on your heart, in the years of wind erosion…

Late at night, from the cool park’s bamboo forest and grass I went home lost in the middle of the road, the singing is still lingering in my ears, you and I are still reluctant to reminisce, aftertaste… people from afar! Are you still so good?


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