life, boil it! (sentence into the heart)

Live in this world,

Many things don’t go as planned,

life There is no imagined happiness,

work is less comfortable than imagined.

We are all adults, span>

There is a responsibility on the shoulders, you can’t just throw it away, p>

There is no choice but to boil.

It’s hard work,

But also an improvement.

It’s tiring, < /span>

But it’s also an experience.

After suffering, you can usher in happiness;

Succeed when you get through the bumps.

The so-called boil,

not yielding, not falling, span>

Insteadaccumulate energy and get ready to go.

The so-called boil,

It’s not resignation, it’s not resignation,

Insteadchanges quietly and independently.

Some people struggle,

You can go to the end and harvest success.

Some people struggle,

Slowly lose perseverance and give up completely.

Some people endure years of hardship; strong>

Some people bow their heads after only a while.


No rainbow can be seen without wind and rain;

Without failure, there is no lesson.

If you don’t boil, how can you be blessed;

< p data-track="36">It’s not difficult, where is the sweetness?

Life is a melting pot,

Train your mind,

It takes a long time to stay calm.

Life is a hard journey,

to grind your will,

The more you endure, the stronger your heart will be.

If you can survive, you will have a better life; strong>

If you can’t stand it, you will never achieve anything.

Come on and you will win;

Come out, you are the winner!

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