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Drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Run to the lake in the woods to enjoy the quiet time

camping in the valley , lakeside, seaside

bonfire, barbecue, picnic

watching the mountains and rivers, watching the stars at night

The evening breeze is blowing, and the insects and birds are lowly chirping

There is no better summer than camping

The breeze brushes my face

Meet three or five friends

Looking for poetry and distance in the mountains and rivers< /span>

Have a chat in nature

These treasure campsites around Weifang are not to be missed!

Come on~ embrace nature~

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“Anqiu Qilu Wine and RV Campground”

Qilu Winery Camping Square has recreational areas such as RV campsites, tent camping, campfire and barbecue squares. There are more than 30 RV parking spaces, and the surrounding facilities include tea room, coffee bar, children’s happy theme park and other leisure and vacation projects.

Bonfire camping and barbecue is one of the special experience projects of Qilu Winery, three or five friends, self-service barbecue, wild camping, escape from the noise, curtain sky Seat, do not have a scene.


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“Qingzhou Jiulongyu Scenic RV Campground”

The Jiulongyu RV Campground is surrounded by flowers and trees ,Tree-lined. Here, there is beer for those who don’t understand music, barbecue for those who are intoxicated, tents for those who hate sofas, and bonfires for those who refuse lantern festivals.

Open-air movies, bonfires, concerts, barbecues, experience the inner romance and share the carnival. Barbecue and picnic with family members in the camping parking space is another kind of artistic conception of “half-day leisure”, which can allow us to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the comfort of life.

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“ Qingzhou Yangtian Mountain Country Forest Park Campground”

looking up to the sky As a mountain-type scenic spot, Shan National Forest Park has large space, flat and soothing top of the mountain, beautiful mountains and forests, and the content of negative oxygen ions in the air is dozens of times that of the urban area. It is a famous forest health and summer resort in the province, and it is very suitable for camping. There are three types of camping sites in Yangtian Mountain: forest cabins, RV campsites, and ordinary camping sites.

Breath Together


“Qingzhou Taihe Mountain Huanghuaxi Campground”

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Taihe Mountain Huanghuaxi Campground is located in Qingzhou Taihe Mountain Huanghuaxi B&B block. The courtyards of the homestay are different in style. The design is simple, comfortable, natural, high-end and natural. Opening the window is the scenery. It is perfectly integrated into nature. This kind of life, really feel the natural charm of poetry and painting.


“Zhucheng Changshan Jin Charlie Campground”

Changshan Jin Charlie has three high-quality camping areas, namely Lawn camping area, forest camping area and lotus pond picnic camping area.

Among them, the lawn camping area has a high-quality lawn, with basic supporting services such as toilets and catering nearby; the forest camping area has hammocks and pavilions in the forest. And other supporting leisure facilities, you can set up tents for camping, picnic and barbecue, there is a pony farm in the forest, you can also experience the poetic life of chopping wood and feeding horses, and grazing in the forest; the lotus pond picnic camping area can be adjacent to the water for barbecue and starry sky camping.


< span>“Zhucheng Zhushan Ecological Valley Container Camping Base”

< span>Zhushan Eco Valley Container Camping Base is flat and open. The three-layer combined container is a small tourist service center. You can also camp with tents on the lawn. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zhushan without leaving your home. Natural fresh air. Let visitors be close to nature and the sky.


“ Chang Yiqingshan Xiushui RV Campground”

Nowadays, with people’s love for self-driving and camping tourism, Qingshan Xiushui Scenic Spot makes full use of the good ecological natural environment and builds the Qingshan RV camp with high standards. The camp is equipped with a barbecue site, living in a RV, eating barbecue, and enjoying the beautiful scenery, so that you can forget all the stress and troubles.


“Linqu Yanziling RV Camping Park”

Yanziling RV Camping Park has the reputation of “a city of clouds and streams beyond the noise of dust” and “Little Tibet in Shandong”. The surrounding view, the rolling hills, the mountains and the peaks, and sometimes the sea of ​​​​clouds, the scenery is spectacular. Tour the campsite, enjoy the beautiful scenery, take in the majestic mountains and valleys, experience the artistic conception of “one mountain, one state of mind, one step and one blue cloud, galloping across thousands of small mountains, looking back at the low white clouds”, enjoy the relaxed and happy “Little Tibet” in Weifang, and enjoy the nature of beauty.

In the scenic area, there are more than 2,000 meters of cliff walks leading to Guanhai Pavilion like a cloud ladder.Camping in the camp includes three camping holiday units, including RV units, star castle units, and wooden hut units, and a 3+1 camping experience mode of a tent camping area, providing tourists with different camping methods and enjoying the cordial embrace of nature.

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“Linqu Yishan Campground”

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Yishan Wild Luxury CampgroundSelected in the middle section of Yudai Stream at the lower end of Yishan Rafting, where the original Zhi Cherry Blossom Sea is located, is located in the middle of the rafting project The end point is located at the place where tourists on the east line must pass down the mountain. There are rafting, wetlands and waterfall landscapes around, which are highly ornamental and moderately experienced. Grassland is rich in resources, high-purity negative oxygen ions, and water resources are abundant in adjacent water sources.

Yishan “Holy Water Lake – RV Camping Base”Selected at the parking lot of Fayun Temple in Yishan, the geographical location The location is located at the starting point of the rafting project, the end point of the slide project, and the starting point of the Buyun plank road. It is close to the Fayun Temple and the holy water lake landscape. There are natural springs in the surrounding area, and it is convenient to get water.


“Changle Lotus Mountain RV Camp”

Weifang Lianhuashan RV Camp is surrounded by mountains and rivers, surrounded by sea of ​​flowers, The scenery is pleasant, and the RV adopts an intelligent home design, which enhances the safety, humanization, green energy saving and other performance of the RV. Weifang Lianhuashan RV Camp has a RV service center to provide tourists with thoughtful and value-for-money services. The entire RV camp can accommodate more than 100 people at the same time for a leisure experience, which can meet the needs of various customers such as families, groups, couples, and business. .


“Blue Moon Star River Campground”< /span>

Blue Moon Star River Campground is located in the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot and the national urban wetland Park – the north side of the west entrance of Bailang Oasis Wetland Park, including 107 camps of various types such as RVs, wooden houses, containers, glass houses, etc., divided into entrance reconstruction demonstration area, cultural theme area, elegant and windy wooden house area, jungle brave camping area , The RV expansion theme area has five theme zones, which is the first national standard camp in Shandong Province.

As a benchmark campsite in Shandong Province, it has become the first domestic online reservation-mobile payment-smart navigation-camp self-check-in-smart self-service caravan It is a one-stop intelligent five-star camp, and also provides a variety of participatory activities such as special food, children’s play, activity expansion, bonfire party, opera performance and various parent-child, making friends, research and education.< /span>

< p>Go camping

In the open world in the wild

You can communicate with your true self

During the day, camp and cook outdoors

Build an outdoor paradise by yourself

Late night, listening to the crickets outside the tent

Impressive life

camping outdoors< /p>

allows you to meet the most authentic self

can also exercise the most powerful self

< p>Camping is a process of meeting beauty and meeting oneself

Source: Weifang Cultural Tourism Publishing

Editor: Feng