Legs hurt when you blow air conditioner

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This summer, the South will continue to “barbecue” ” mode, walking on the road, feeling hot and suffocating every minute…

Many people choose to hide in an air-conditioned room to continue their lives, but for a long time Blowing cold wind is easy to bring huge pressure to knee joints, hip joints, spine and finger joints and other parts, causing synovitis, bursitis, knee arthritis and other diseases, which is what we call “air-conditioned legs”. Clinically, one-third of the patients who seek medical treatment are young people aged 18-30. Therefore, don’t feel that you are fearless when you are young, and be careful “air-conditioning legs” to find you! Getting up, sitting, standing, squatting and walking will all be affected…

In the hot summer, is there any other way to escape the heat? Orthopedic surgeons strongly recommend swimming as an exercise, relieve the heatandreduce joint stress!

1. Why does swimming protect the knees better?

When people move in water, many original weight-bearing joints are in a relaxed state due to buoyancy. Swimming can make the joints in a state of low gravity load. Get exercise.

In other words, it’s like doing a full body spa!

Studies show that non-weight-bearing water sports can bring significant short-term benefits to patients with knee arthritis compared to joint-weight-bearing land sports, and Has higher security. If you insist on long-term regular swimming, you can not only reduce the burden on the joints, relieve the pain of the joints, and improve the activities of the joints, but also effectively reduce the weight and prevent the progress of osteoarthritis, and the effect is remarkable.

2. The beauty of warm water

In the hot summer, some people covet the coolness of the moment, or for fitness, take a cold bath, soak in cold water… However, when cold water touches the skin, it will irritate the skin The blood vessels on the upper part of the body rapidly contract, so that the blood originally flowing in the skin enters the internal blood vessels, causing a series of reactions such as increased blood pressure and rapid heartbeat, which may also increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients.

When swimming in summer, people are in a warm water environment of 32°C to 36°C, which can not only cool down the heat but also bring many benefits to the body. Warm water not only relieves pain in the musculoskeletal system and joint stiffness, but also relaxes the muscles, allowing people with knee arthritis to achieve better recovery.

3. The many benefits of swimming

Swimming is a sport for all ages Exercise, whether it is for teenagers or the elderly, is of great benefit. Swimming can not only shape human body shape, enhance human body function, but also promote our physical and mental health.

At the same time, swimming is a special sport that is not only a good way to exercise, but also an ideal way to treat many chronic diseases. Especially for many friends who suffer from musculoskeletal system diseases, they are deeply troubled by limb soreness and limited activities. Regular water sports can relieve their pain to a certain extent, improve the physiological function of the body and improve the quality of life.

What is Osteoarthritis (OA)?

As people grow older, they gradually experience obvious pain in their knees when going up and down the stairs. When they have to rest for a while, it is very likely that Suffering from “Osteoarthritis (OA)”. So, what kind of disease is OA in the end?

Osteoarthritis is a non-infectious degenerative joint disease that presents with joint pain and stiffness, especially after prolonged activities major joints. Osteoarthritis can occur in all joints of the body, but it is more common in the knee joints, hip joints, spine and finger joints with heavy load, especially in the knee and hip joints, which are mainly manifested as joint pain, stiffness, hypertrophy and Activities are restricted. The inconvenience of these weight-bearing joints makes many friends annoyed in their lives, especially when they need to engage in physical activities or exercise.

Once you suffer from knee arthritis, stopping exercising is not a cure, but exercise is one of the keys to a good prognosis. Compared with other aerobic exercise, it has the advantages of reducing joint weight and nourishing with warm water, and is one of the most recommended exercise programs.

In the hot summer, let’s get healthy by swimming!

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