Leg cramps? Don’t blindly supplement calcium! It may be caused by these problems…

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Is there any kind of “pain”

that makes you wake up in the middle of the night and burst into tears?


Have you ever experienced the pain of cramping at night?

That feeling is real

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But what causes leg muscle spasms? Some people say that this is caused by calcium deficiency, and it will be better as long as calcium is supplemented; some people say that it is caused by cold legs, as long as you keep warm, you can avoid cramps. However, muscles are much more squeamish than we think, and there are many other factors that can cause leg muscle cramps besides calcium deficiency and a cold.


Are cramps caused by calcium deficiency?

Calcium ions play an important role in muscle contraction. When the calcium ion concentration in the blood is too low, the muscles are more easily excited than normal, and the muscles will spasm when they are overexcited.

This condition is more common in calcium-deficient pregnant women, postmenopausal women, and the elderly; rapidly growing adolescents who are prone to calcium deficiency; and People who go on a diet to lose weight are mainly due to insufficient calcium intake.

But after a lot of calcium supplementation, the cramps are not eliminated, and the blood calcium is basically normal. So, besides calcium deficiency, are there other factors that may cause cramps?


What other factors can cause cramps?

(1) Excessive fatigue: When exercising vigorously or walking for a long time or climbing mountains, the calf is easily fatigued, and local The metabolite lactic acid will also increase, and the muscles will be stimulated and prone to cramps. If the legs exercise too much or exert too much force during the day, the muscles will be very tired and tired. If the muscle tension has not improved at night, or the lactic acid has not been metabolized in time, the muscles may become tired. You still cramp while you sleep. (2) Cold stimulation: It is more common in winter or when the temperature is relatively low at night, the calf is cold, blood vessels constrict, and muscle ischemia will occur pain. For example, some people are accustomed to sticking their feet out of the quilt when sleeping, which makes it easy to catch a cold. The calf is stimulated by the external cold, causing local blood circulation problems, the blood is not smooth, and the symptoms of calf muscle spasm appear. In addition, exercising in the cold in the winter, not preparing for the activity, or swimming in the summer when the water temperature is too low can cause leg cramps. (3) Pressure on the limbsIf you sleep in a certain position for a long time, or are oppressed by heavy bedding in winter, you can Obstructing the blood flow of the lower extremities will also cause the accumulation of acidic metabolites, which can also cause cramps in the calf muscles for a long time. (4) AtherosclerosisWhen atherosclerosis or thrombus occurs in the arteries, it will lead to poor blood flow in the limbs, and it is impossible to carry the disease in time. Take away wastes from the metabolism of the limbs, which can easily lead to cramps. (5) Disease and drug factorsThe probability of leg cramps increases when you have certain diseases, which is called secondary leg cramps, such as various muscle diseases, Peripheral neuropathy, uremia, diabetes, thyroid disease, low magnesium, low calcium, low potassium, etc. In addition, taking certain medications can also induce secondary leg cramps. For example, hormones, morphine, cimetidine for treating stomach problems, diuretics for lowering blood pressure, nifedipine, statins for lowering cholesterol, lithium salts for psychiatric drugs, etc.


1 action relief sudden pumpingTendon

When a cramp occurs, you need to “do the opposite” – that is, pull your toes in the opposite direction of the force and hold for 1-2 minutes above. Specifically, if the muscle cramps on the back of the calf, on the one hand, pull the foot to lift the foot plate, on the other hand, try to straighten the leg, or massage the calf with both hands. When a muscle cramps, press down on your foot and flex your toes.


How to prevent?

(1) Pay attention to keep warm: especially in summer, avoid air conditioners and fans blowing your body directly. Before going to bed, soak your feet with water at about 40 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes, which can promote the blood circulation of the feet and achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles and promoting blood circulation. (2) Avoid fatigue: Don’t walk or exercise for too long, and don’t let your calf get too tired. (3) Correct sleeping posture: correct your own bad sleeping posture. (4) Loosen the quilt: When lying on the back, the quilt may press against the feet, which makes the gastrocnemius and plantar muscles tight. Tight muscles are prone to spasms. Just loosen the futon a bit. (5) Regular exercise: regular physical exercise and exercise can improve blood supply and enhance muscle contraction ability. (6) Pay attention to diet: ensure balanced nutrition. If the elderly suffer from osteoporosis, vitamin D and calcium foods can be supplemented in moderation, such as milk, kelp, and soy products. Reduce smoking and drinking, drinking strong tea or coffee, these will accelerate the loss of calcium in the body.

Tips:General cramps are dangeroussmall and easy to deal with, but if they occur frequently, And the duration is relatively long, especially the middle-aged and elderly people who have other diseases should go to the hospital as soon as possible to rule out the organic lesions of blood vessels and nerves, and must not be careless.

This article only represents the author’s personal opinion, not the official one position. I hope everyone can make rational judgments and apply them in a targeted manner. If there is any infringement, please contact us.

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