Laohu Town, Dongping County: on the road of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation

In order to consolidate the effective connection between the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, comprehensively implement rectification and investigation, and prevent the risk of people returning to poverty due to the epidemic, Laohu Town, Dongping County comprehensively We will continue to carry out the centralized action investigation of “four questions, four investigations and one monitoring” while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

Manage ideas and set goals. Laohu Town held a rectification meeting on “four questions, four investigations and one monitoring”. At the meeting, the investigation problems were carefully interpreted and analyzed, and various industry departments were urged to seriously rectify and implement the problems and clarify them. Work ideas for the next step, formulate work standards for the next step, and ensure that problems should be corrected and policies should be fully enjoyed in the next inspection activities.

Re-coordinate, intensify. Laohu Town Rural Revitalization Promotion Center, Civil Affairs Office, Social Security Office, Health Center, Health Planning Office, Education Office, Urban Construction Office, Water Conservancy Station, Disabled Persons’ Federation and other industry departments form households to work Group, consolidate their own work responsibilities, re-visit and investigate places that were not meticulous in the past, increase work inspection efforts, solve problems conscientiously, and complete tasks with quality and quantity.

Focus on business and focus on practical results. During the inspection process of entering the village, the household work group went down with the problem and the ledger, reconciled the account and cancelled the account number, and found that the investigation was effective, and the rectification implementation was effective. Effectively, the results of the investigation are truly put into practice. At present, the household work group has successfully solved 8 large and small problems, and the project work group has completed 15 project inspections.

Solve the confusion and warm the hearts of the people. During the investigation process, the homework team not only patiently answered the questions about the policy enjoyment for the masses, but also did not forget to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention to the people with difficulties in life, and carefully asked the masses whether they were affected by the epidemic. The quality of life has declined, and at the same time, the masses are urged to stay in the county unless necessary, and to protect themselves. (Correspondent Wang Ruxin)