Korean question: South Korea’s high-speed rail can run the entire country in a few hours, so why brag about China?

The South Korean high-speed rail runs the entire country in a few hours. It is so short that the Koreans are proud of it. What is going on?

Some Korean netizens raised such a question on the Internet. South Korea’s high-speed rail can run across the country in a few hours. Why do other countries still brag about China? His subtext is that China’s high-speed rail cannot travel across the country in a few hours, and it is not as good as South Korea. In response to this issue, Chinese netizens are really too lazy to argue with it, and there is a feeling that summer insects are unspeakable. I don’t know how Korean geography classes are taught. If China’s high-speed rail can travel all over the country in a few hours, then the speed will not exceed the first cosmic speed to fly into space. This statement of Korean netizens is the same as that of Koreans asking what the weather is like in China today.

However, it is understandable that Koreans can’t understand the size of China. After all, South Korea’s land area is only 100,000 square kilometers. Equivalent to an area of ​​Jiangsu Province. Therefore, they can travel around the country in a few hours by high-speed rail. They cannot understand that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail takes five or six hours, let alone Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places because the area is too large, and online shopping cannot be free shipping. The question of why other countries brag about China because of high-speed rail not only reflects the lack of knowledge of some Koreans, but also reflects the arrogance in the bones of these Koreans, but this arrogance does not match their strength, so Yelang’s arrogance is vividly reflected. . So how does China’s high-speed rail compare to South Korea’s?

First of all, it is not a level in terms of scale. The total mileage of South Korea’s high-speed rail is only about 1500 kilometers, but as of 2021, China’s high-speed rail The operating mileage has exceeded 40,000 kilometers. For South Korea, only one high-speed rail line is needed to meet the needs. However, the four-vertical and four-horizontal high-speed rail network currently built in China still cannot fully meet China’s needs.

Korea’s high-speed rail construction is earlier than China’s, why is it not as good as China’s in all aspects, South Korea is so concerned about whether China’s high-speed rail is envious or not envy?

Actually, Koreans raised the question that China’s high-speed rail cannot travel across the country in a few hours like South Korea. It is not entirely because they cannot understand the vastness of China’s territory. In comparison, I even feel that South Korea is a developed country and China is a developing country. How can South Korea be inferior to China? It is true that South Korea’s economy took off in the 1980s and became one of the Four Little Dragons in Asia, and South Korea’s high-speed rail was indeed built earlier than China.

As early as 1992, South Korea proposed a plan to build a high-speed rail, and in 2004, the first high-speed rail was officially built and put into operation . The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, which officially opened in 2009, is the first high-speed railway in China. Although the Koreans have the upper hand in terms of time, most of their high-speed rails use French technology, and they need to rely on France for construction, and they have not mastered high-speed rail technology independently. Although China began to learn from Japan’s high-speed rail, my country is constantly conducting research and technological innovation. Before the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail, China had operated the Qinshen passenger line in 2003, and the experimental speed could reach 321 kilometers per hour. However, at that time, the international The definition of high-speed rail is 350 kilometers per hour, so our country does not count it as high-speed rail.

But therefore my country has mastered its own core technology, and with the opening of the Fuxing train, my country has mastered complete autonomy Intellectual property for high-speed rail and train construction technology. And South Korea even needs to buy high-speed rail trains from France. When my country exports high-speed rail construction to foreign countries, South Korea can only sit for a few hours to travel around the country for high-speed rail sightseeing. So South Korea and China really don’t make any sense compared to high-speed rail, it’s just the lament and puzzlement of the Korean people’s unsatisfied small country mentality. Not only that, South Korea is still in a situation – compared with China, it is ultimately defeated.

Korea’s high-speed rail technology is not as good as China’s, but compared with China, what kind of mentality does the Korean people reflect?

Koreans regard it as an advantage that they can travel around the country by high-speed rail for a few hours, and it may be because there is no advantage to speak of. In addition to the fact that the high-speed rail can travel around the country due to its small land area, South Korea’s high-speed rail technology is also unreliable. In 2013, three high-speed trains collided in a series in South Korea. Although only one person was injured, the derailment of a large number of carriages affected the operation of the railway, and the entire railway bureau was paralyzed. Unlike China’s high-speed rail, the main role of which is to transport people’s movement, especially the Spring Festival in China, which has become the largest population movement phenomenon in the world. South Korea’s high-speed rail mainly serves tourism and plays a role in sightseeing. Because there are only 50 million people in South Korea, which is not enough for China’s Spring Festival travel population.

So South Korea is not satisfied with the advantages of China’s rolling style, and high-speed rail is only one of them. In fact, South Korea In ancient times, it was a dependent country of the Central Plains for a long time, and both its politics, economy and culture were deeply influenced by Chinese culture. However, the rise of nationalism in modern times has made South Korea eager to get rid of China’s influence. The short-term economic take-off in recent decades has made South Korea even more People are floating.

Korea wants to get rid of the influence of Chinese culture, but cannot get rid of it, because once it is completely separated from China Culture, there may be kimchi left in Korea, so Koreans began to steal Chinese culture, calling the Dragon Boat Festival a Korean Dragon Boat Festival and applying to the United Nations for World Heritage. Since then, Confucius is Korean, and Chinese characters are all kinds of funny invented by Koreans. There is an endless stream of remarks, and Koreans also end up with the title of “stole the country”, which means stealing other countries’ culture and calling it their own culture. So it’s not that other countries brag about China, but China has won the appreciation of other countries through its own efforts and strength. , instead of making jokes like South Korea always wants to use some shortcuts to make others look at it.