Known as the natural “insulin”, if you keep eating it, your blood sugar may drop after a while

Foods contain a lot of sugar, which will affect blood sugar. However, during the holidays, people with high blood sugar can eat more of the following foods, which are delicious and can lower blood sugar.

American Ginseng

This food quenches thirst , The effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin is very great. People with high blood sugar levels in the body can often eat American ginseng, or it can stabilize blood sugar levels and make you happy this New Year.

lily >

People with high blood sugar can also eat more porridge made of lily, which can soothe the nerves and moisten the lungs, and also help to stabilize blood sugar.

mulberry >

The fruit of mulberry is very nutritious. If you can eat it regularly, it can not only prevent anemia to a certain extent, but also increase the body’s immunity and reduce the blood sugar level in the body. Great for people with high blood sugar. May wish to eat more at ordinary times.


Licorice is a relatively common Chinese herbal medicine. It has many functions. It can be used for relieving cough, expectorating phlegm, detoxifying and clearing heat. Licorice is also very good for people with high blood sugar, which can help stabilize blood sugar and make the body healthier.


Yam in life It is very common in Chinese medicine, and it is also a good food for conditioning the stomach. It contains very high nutrients. People with high blood sugar usually eat some yam, which may gradually lower your blood sugar, and it will also have a certain nourishing effect on the liver and kidney!

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