Kidney protection method “3 3” can prevent urinary protein and serum creatinine from rising

Immune abnormalities caused by bacterial infection are an important cause of chronic kidney disease. When it comes to infections, many people think of colds, sore throats, enteritis, diarrhea, etc., but few people care about oral diseases.

Australian Population Oral Health Research Center (University of Adelaide) has investigated a set of data, data show that people with periodontal disease, the incidence of chronic kidney disease The rate is 60% higher than that of non-periodontal patients.

The food residues left in the mouth after we eat will continue to breed bacteria, and oral bacterial infections can cause tooth decay. Perioditis, gingivitis and dental caries (cavities), and even the formation of abscesses.

Many people do not feel oral diseases, and occasionally have bleeding, peculiar smell, swelling and pain, but after a few days it is not obvious and forgets about it, so they do not go to the dentist for examination.

The third national oral health epidemiological survey data shows that the periodontal health rate of the whole Chinese population is only 14%, which means that 86% of Chinese suffer from Different degrees of periodontal disease.

Patients with kidney disease often relapse after a cold infection, and oral infection can also aggravate hematuria, proteinuria, and even increase serum creatinine.

Each patient with kidney disease should pay attention to oral hygiene and develop good oral hygiene habits

Maintaining oral health requires To achieve “three threes”: brush your teeth within three minutes after a meal, each time you need to brush your teeth for more than three minutes, and you should brush your teeth three times a day.

The existence of oral diseases for a long time is not a trivial matter, it can cause serious diseases, and achieving the “three threes” is an important way to protect the kidneys.