Kaiwen Education (002659.SZ) subsidiary and Jinhui Conference Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Xishan Ski Resort

Zhitong Finance APP News, Kaiwen Education (002659.SZ) announced that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing Kaiwenxin Sports Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Kevinxin”) and Beijing Jinhui Conference Co., Ltd. (“Jinhui Conference”) ) signed the “Beijing Xishan Ski Resort Cooperation Agreement”. Jinhui Conference has all the right to operate the Beijing Xishan Ski Resort (“Ski Resort”) located at No. 11 Shuangpo Road, Wenquan Town, Haidian District, Beijing. Kaiwen Letter has long carried out youth sports training and introduced youth sports through the integration of various advantageous resources. The event has achieved excellent results and wide popularity in the society, forming its own unique brand and resources. The “Cooperation Agreement” signed by the two parties stipulates that Kaiwen Credit will use its own advantages and resources to operate and manage the ski resort, including but not limited to introducing third-party resources to carry out ice and snow activities, hold ice and snow events, and conduct youth ice and snow training.

The announcement shows that Xishan Ski Resort is located in the Hot Spring Ice and Snow Sports Park in Wenquan Town, Haidian District. This time, Kevin Letter and Jinhui Conference signed a cooperation agreement to operate the ski resort by Kevin Letter, which is of great significance for Kevin Letter to expand its snow sports business and is conducive to expanding its business scale.