just! my country’s first small-molecule oral drug against COVID-19, Azvudine (FNC), was approved for marketing

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On the afternoon of July 25, the reporter from The official website of the State Food and Drug Administration was informed that: According to the relevant provisions of the “Drug Administration Law”, the State Food and Drug Administration conducted emergency review and approval in accordance with the special drug approval procedures, and approved Henan True Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Azvudine Tablets to increase the treatment of new crown virus with conditions. Pneumonia Indication Registration Application. This marks my country’s first anti-new coronary pneumonia small molecule oral drug developed by Henan Normal University and Zhengzhou University Professor Chang Junbiao as the inventor and Henan True Biotechnology Co., Ltd. After completing phase III clinical trials at home and abroad, it was officially approved for marketing. .

It is understood that Azvudine (FNC) is China’s first class 1.1 small molecule oral drug for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia with completely independent intellectual property rights and global patents.

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