Jumping “Liu Genghong Cao” caused the corpus luteum to rupture, is the female corpus luteum so fragile?

Recently, Liu Genghong’s style of dance has become popular on the Internet, and his magical movements have made many people enter the live broadcast room to check in. We promoting movement,but alsodo not advocate excessive exercise, exercise It is also different from person to person and needs to be done according to one’s ability.


On the 28th, Xiao Qian, a 24-year-old woman who lives in Wuhan, ruptured her ovary corpus luteum because she followed Liu Genghong for three days in a row. 40% of health.

for this , many netizens expressed their puzzlement: Can dancing actually cause the female corpus luteum to rupture? The female corpus luteum is so fragile?

The corpus luteum is a vascular, gland-like structure that forms after ovulation. The corpus luteum is closely related to female fertility, because the corpus luteum can help secrete progesterone and progesterone, which is a necessary hormone to maintain pregnancy. In addition, under the synergistic effect of estrogen and progesterone, the thickness of the endometrium will also have a certain degree. The increase of fertilized egg provides sufficient conditions for implantation.

The luteal body occurs when a woman is not pregnant It gradually degenerates within 14 days after ovulation, and the completion of corpus luteum degeneration indicates that menstruation is coming.


The rupture of the corpus luteum refers to the rupture of the corpus luteum due to external or internal forces.The rupture of the corpus luteum is mainly manifested as abdominal pain and bleeding. It can even cause hemorrhagic shock, which will directly threaten the life and health of women. Therefore, once the above symptoms appear, the patient should go to the hospital in time to avoid delaying the disease.

There are two main causes of luteal rupture in women:< span>

1. Internal force reasons

The corpus luteum is in During development, blood vessels proliferate relatively actively, but due to poor elasticity, vascular rupture and hemorrhage usually occurs internally.

Women’s frequent urination and excessive emotional tension can also be the cause of luteal rupture.

2. External pressure

The above-mentioned girls are due to the high-intensity dance exercise that causes the abdominal pressure to increase. In addition, during the gynecological examination, forced squeezing, external impact and other actions may also suddenly increase the intra-abdominal pressure and rupture the mature corpus luteum .

During sexual life, the female reproductive organs are in a state of expansion and congestion. Rudeness, which gives a woman a strong blow to the abdomen, is also likely to cause rupture of the corpus luteum.

Exercise is a good habit, but female friends should not ignore the actual situation and blindly pursue high-intensity exercise, especially before and after menstruation. In addition, During exercise, if you find other adverse symptoms such as abdominal pain in your body, you should rest properly and adjust your state in time. The painful experience of “Liu Genghong Girl” no longer happens.

Note: This article is a health science popularization article, and the articles related to drugs, technologies, products, etc. are only needed for expression. There is no treatment recommendation, please go to a regular hospital for professional examination and treatment for specific treatment methods.

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