Jinan’s Daming Lake is now the first budding lotus in summer! One is plump and the other is petite, the intelligence officer shared it on the spot

August 2, Jinan intelligence officer “Fei Ge” sent a group of photos of Jinan Daming Lake and Tilian to Qilu Yidian Intelligence Station, the official client of Qilu Evening News. Following the discovery of two parallel lotus plants last year, this year, another parallel plant lotus was found by the Daming Lake in Jinan. Let’s take a look at the camera of the intelligence officer~

“The Daming Lake Park has now merged with Tilian again, which is located in Zengdi Lotus Field in Daming Lake Scenic Area. It’s still growing,” the intelligence officer said.

According to our understanding, this Ping Ti lotus is the first Ping Ti lotus in Daming Lake, Jinan this summer. As you can see from the picture, Ping Ti lotus is hidden among the lotus leaves. Full and petite.

The first-blooming Ping Dilian, with safflower and green leaves set off against each other, is even more stunning and beautiful, which is pleasing to the eye. It is understood that the lotus, concentric hibiscus, acacia lotus, and Ruilian are the treasures of lotus, and the probability of generation is only one in 100,000.

Jinan’s Daming Lake is the first plant in the summer and a lotus! One is plump and the other is petite, shared by intelligence officers on the spot

Congratulations to the above intelligence for getting the best intelligence today. 50 yuan red envelope reward! Do you also have this beautiful scenery around you? Use the camera to record and capture the beauty around you. Welcome to the information station to share~

Interactive editor Lu Hong