Jimu Rui Commentary | Tourists in Jiuzhaigou clashed with each other because of taking pictures, which spoiled the scenery!

Jimu News reporter Wu Shuangjian

On July 23, some netizens said that recently, in the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan, some tourists had a physical conflict. The scenic spot stated that after the persuasion of the staff, the two parties left on their own. (According to the surging news on July 24)

The scenic spot later confirmed that the conflict between the two parties was due to the problem of the photo booth, and also said that neither side complained to the scenic spot nor called the police. This shows that everyone knows that this is a scandal, and quickly left.

Judging from a video on the Internet, the physical conflict continued for a while, with men and women pushing and shoving extremely indecent. An insider, Mr. Liang, said that a woman stood in the camera of other tourists in order to seize the best shooting position, causing disputes. He also said that she did it on purpose, and as a result, the “bald man” on the other side made foul language, which led to the expansion of the situation.

Tourists clashed in Jiuzhaigou (picture source: The Paper Video Screenshot)

< p>Netizens were blown away when they saw this video. Some people say that this is because the weather is too cold? Running such a far place is noisy and makes people watch jokes, how decent it is!

Of course, there are also netizens who commented on right and wrong. Some people think that there is something wrong with the quality of this woman. Originally, taking pictures in the scenic spot is to queue up first, then what is it that you deliberately inserted it horizontally? There are also netizens who think that things can’t be seen on the surface, maybe a group of people has been occupying a seat for a long time, one shot, two shots, three shots together… One, two, three, or four again, making others impatient, so someone dissatisfied.

It seems that the dispute over taking pictures has resonated with netizens. After all, what you see when you go out is the scenery, and what you feel comfortable is the mood. When encountering problems, we should understand each other, and we should learn to communicate when we have opinions, instead of using rude and rude ways to solve them. The weather is hot, and the mind can’t be hot.

If it is true that the other party takes too long, the woman kindly reminds “can you be faster”, the result may be different. Standing in front of someone else’s camera is very rude. In addition, if the woman deliberately stands in front of the camera, the other party kindly reminds her that she should speak in a reasonable and prudent manner without foul language, and there will be no such a big conflict.

When uncivilized behavior encounters uncivilized treatment, it must be sparks flying around, causing “fire”. After the incident, what is the interest of the two sides to visit? The whole trip was boring! Jiuzhaigou is so picturesque that you don’t want to appreciate it, but there is a “full martial arts” stage here. Isn’t this a terrible sight? No wonder the tourists beside him couldn’t persuade him, and they all shook their heads to express their dissatisfaction.

Civilization tour is a big topic. Now, some good check-in points in scenic spots have become scarce resources, which are prone to conflicts. For example, in order to take pictures, some Internet celebrities occupy a favorable terrain and keep posing for pictures, completely ignoring other people waiting beside them; another example, there are a group of people who occupy the camera for a long time, making noise, and they only have themselves in their hearts. ; Another example, some people rush up to take pictures, and push the tourists to the side… These are very disgusting.

The most beautiful scenery is people. Civilized tours, beautiful scenery and good people are the ultimate enjoyment. For the scenic spots, these popular photo spots and check-in points, during the peak period of the tour, the scenic spots may wish to arrange staff to maintain the order of the scene. Or stick a “warm reminder” next to it, and the time for taking pictures is also limited to regulate the behavior of tourists and guide them to visit in a civilized manner.