Jiemei water lily

A flower can bloom red and yellow, such a water lily Have you seen it? The rare two-color water lily “Wanweisha” is now in the Lotus Base of Yuanmingyuan. The lotus is half bright red and half pale yellow, with strong visual impact and elegant posture.

According to records, the water lily Most are native to the tropical regions of North Africa and Southeast Asia, and there are more than 40 varieties; water lilies are perennial floating-leaf aquatic herbs; water lilies have yellow, white, red, blue, purple, pink, etc. valve, double valve, etc.

< /img> The reason why it is said to be a water lily is that it is named after its habit. Every morning at eight or nine o’clock, the water lily wakes up slowly, gradually raises its head, and greets the place where the sun rises, blooming gorgeous flowers; and in the evening, as the twilight falls, the water lily puts away its petals and gradually grows. Into dreamland; the water lily is known as the “sleeping beauty” of flowers because of the day and night.

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< p>The flower language of the water lily: clean, pure, vigorous, unstained out of the mud, unremitting efforts, aloof, ignorant of the world, clean and coquettish. The meaning of water lilies in China can be widely used, so it is a good choice whether it is given to a lover, partner, relatives, elders, or your own close friends and girlfriends.

The water lily is also the birthday flower on August 5th. In the eyes of Germans, the flower language of the water lily is coquettish. Those who are blessed by this flower are born to be different.Sex has an irresistible charm to the opposite sex, but it is difficult to get along peacefully with the opposite sex. In another 365-day birth flower version, the water lily is the birth flower on April 20 every year, and the flower language is lyrical.

In ancient Egypt, the water lily was known as the “sacred flower”. In Egyptian temples, the water lily was a common totem, and it was a blessing for “only the beginning, not disillusionment”.

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Purple Water Lily Named the sleeping fire lotus, the flower language of the sleeping fire lotus: dreamy, weak love. This has a lot to do with the fact that Sleeping Fire Lotus is only open for seven days a year. It’s like a person who doesn’t care about the process of love, but only cares about the beautiful and weak love in that short moment.

The flower language of the white water lily: pure, aloof, unworldly, spotless, unreachable love.

The flower language of the blue water lily: one is eternal waiting; the other is a lover in a dream. Represents: Eternity, Reason, Calm, Permanence, Purity.

The flower language of the red water lily: clean, pure and coquettish.

The flower language of the pink water lily: vigorous, out of the mud and not stained.

The water lilies bloom beautifully, And the meaning is good, it is very suitable for gifting, you can choose to give it to your lover, friend, elder, close friend or best friend. You can choose white water lilies for lovers, pink for girlfriends, and red for friends.

In the history of Chinese lotus culture, potted plants At the beginning of this form of water lily, it was only used for viewing in private courtyards. The combination of potted plants and pond plants has improved the ornamental value of potted lotuses, and often appears in garden waterscapes and garden sketches. Water lily water stone bonsai is a kind of The new bonsai. It is an organic combination of water lily bonsai and water stone bonsai, which not only reflects the fortitude and straightness of the mountain, but also shows the beauty and charm.