Jiangxi announced that “a hotel will host a Japanese summer festival”

“Xinyu Release” WeChat public account news, on the 24th, the Culture, Radio, Television, Press, Publication and Tourism Bureau of Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province issued a report on the network reflecting that a hotel in the city will host a Japanese summer festival.

According to the report, on July 22, some netizens reported that the Chenxiang Guest House in Xinyu City will host the Japanese Summer Festival. After receiving the online feedback, the bureau attached great importance to it and quickly carried out verification.

After investigation, the Wenguang New Tourism Department of the city’s district has not received any application for holding similar activities. According to the on-site investigation, in mid-April this year, the hotel received a customer who expressed that he wanted to book the venue on August 8 (the specific content of the event was not specified), but did not pay any reservation fee, and did not contact the hotel after that. At present, the hotel has reserved the venue on August 8 to a trading company for a product promotion meeting. After the incident fermented, the hotel actively cooperated with the police investigation, and promptly issued a statement on the fact that it did not undertake related activities to eliminate the bad influence.