Jiangsu Xinyu responded to the Japanese summer festival, saying the impact was bad, netizens: Beware of sugar-coated shells


“The other regions on the list will also implement it as soon as possible.”

This afternoon, in response to the news circulating on the Internet, Xinyu, Jiangxi will be held on August 8. The rumors that the Japanese summer festival was held at the Chenxiang Guest House was specially “investigated and verified” by Xinyu.

The investigation reported by Xinyu shows that the local Wenguang New Tourism Department No application for similar activities has been received. According to the information from the hotel, there was indeed a customer who expressed that he wanted to book the hotel venue on August 8, but did not specify the specific activities to be held, and did not pay the reservation fee. The hotel was also not contacted after this contact. According to the hotel, the venue on August 8 has been reserved for a trading company to carry out product promotion activities.

It is worth noting that Xinyu said in the report, “After the incident was fermented, the hotel actively cooperated with the police investigation, and promptly issued a description of the fact that it did not undertake related activities to eliminate the bad impact.”


It is not difficult to see that Xinyu has characterized the online rumors of holding the Japanese Summer Festival as “bad influence”, which may be their attitude towards the rumors, and said “will continue to pay close attention to this and actively cooperate with the Internet. Letters, public security and other departments to investigate and deal with”.

At the end of the briefing, Xinyu also stated loudly, “Resolutely oppose any activities that hurt the feelings of the nation, and strictly investigate illegal activities to the end, and will not tolerate it!”

Xinyu According to the investigation report, it should be the first city that publicly responded to the summer festival activities with strong Japanese elements after Nanjing announced the cancellation of the summer festival activities originally scheduled to be held on July 17, while Xinyu “resolutely opposed it”. “Any activity that hurts national feelings” also won the favor of many netizens, and believed that the cities on the Internet rumored summer festival list should learn from Xinyu and give a formal response.

According to the information of the summer festival organized by netizens, on July In August, there were more than 20 cities hosting summer festivals, including Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang, Changchun in Jilin, Tieling in Liaoning, Zaozhuang, Dezhou, Binzhou in Shandong, Gushi and Yongcheng in Henan, Nanjing, Xinyi, Fengxian in Jiangsu, and Anhui. Tongling, Xinyu, Jiangxi, Shaoguan, Guangdong, Panzhihua, Nanchong, Sichuan, Guiyang, Guizhou, Dali, Wenshan, Chuxiong, etc.

Nowadays, with the denial of the summer festival held in Xinyu, Jiangxi, I wonder if there will be a domino effect, and other places will follow suit, making the summer festival activities that have lasted for many years in many places. , thoroughly into history this summer.

Some netizens think that after seeing the hot search, they ignorantly thought that it was to promote Japanese animation. It seems that it is not so simple. In a seemingly peaceful and peaceful society, we should be more vigilant of “soft cannonballs” wrapped in “sugar coating”, another offensive strategy that causes mental numbness and fatigue.

Some netizens in Jiangxi also said, “As a Jiangxi native, I really don’t want to hold summer festivals in Jiangxi. Summer festivals should not appear in China. Jiangxi is the cradle of the red revolution.”

Of course, some netizens have different views on this, thinking that this is just a summer temple fair that young people need. It would be better to go out to have fun at night and watch the fireworks. This should be a part of the active summer economy. But there’s no need to call it a Japanese summer festival.

Some people think that this kind of garden party is actually passed down from China , If you want to develop the economy, the country can completely shape the garden party of the Tang Dynasty, using the name of Chinese culture, there is no need to have a summer festival. There are cultures in different places, such as the lantern festival in the south. It is also not necessary to strictly prohibit Japan, but strict inspections must be carried out to prevent the entrainment of private goods.

Summer festival is actually a general term for various “festivals” held in various parts of Japan in summer. Although many people are unfamiliar with the “Summer Festival” garden activity, it is said that it has been held in some places for more than 10 years.

In summer festivals and parades all over Japan, there are many performances by civil society. People put on beautiful kimonos and yukatas, go shopping, buy things, and participate in entertainment activities. There will be new decorations and various special events.

In the context of the worship of Japanese war criminals at Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing, the summer festivals are held in turns in various places, which really deeply hurt the emotions of netizens, but I don’t know if there will be more in the future. Does the city stand up and speak out like Xinyu?