It’s old, it’s better to slow down

Wen|Yang Shuming

In life, the way of living is different when you are young, in your prime, and in old age. This is a very natural thing. Nature can live to understand.

I am an impatient person. I walk fast, eat fast, and do not like to be sloppy when I do things. I do everything in a fast-paced way. Maybe it’s just by nature, because since I was young, my personality seems to be like this, because it’s easy to change my temperament! As we get older, these “fasts” become more and more useless or even harmful, because according to the scientific statement of health preservation, when you are old, everything should be slower.

In addition to being able to eat and sleep, and liking soup, sugar, lying down, and hot food, eating too fast is also an important reason, especially for me.

I don’t eat a lot in my daily life, but I eat so fast that “eat slowly, eat slowly” has become a mantra that my wife has often told me over the past few decades. I remember that after 40, my weight was close to 100 kilograms, and I couldn’t lose it for more than 20 years. I was very upset about this. Everyone knows that chewing and swallowing slowly is good for health. I understand the truth, but I often feel confused when I eat, and I can’t change the “fast” problem. In order to solve the bad habit of eating too fast, I have often used red wine or drinks to adjust the speed of eating in the past two years. Perhaps this method is effective. This year, my weight finally began to drop. Although the decline was very slow, I have Is a little bit of joy.

In the past few years after retiring, my wife and I often go out for a walk, but every time she walks, she complains that I can’t keep up with my steps. It’s too fast, but I’m not used to it! Although I often walk slowly to take care of her, I subconsciously speed up when I walk. I went on a trip to Jiuzhaigou with my friend before. Normally, his body looks stronger than mine, but he always unknowingly falls behind me when walking, often making me have to slow down or stop. Wait for him. To tell the truth, my walking fast is mostly not intentional, but the result of character and habit. For this reason, I don’t want to be controlled by others. Over the years, I like to go out alone, because I can walk freely and as fast as I want. In the years before I retired, my body was still strong and my hands and feet were very quick. It might be okay to walk faster, but now that I am sixty (years old), it is not appropriate to walk too fast. Because for the elderly, walking too fast is not only unhelpful, but it is easy to cause damage to the body. It seems that my habit of walking too fast has to be changed, but how can I change it? I have to remind myself often.

Elderly people must take a car when they go out, especially when taking a bus. It is not a big problem for young people to run two steps fast, but for older people, if they run fast to drive a car, they are prone to danger. “Get off the bus slowly” means don’t be in a hurry when getting off the bus, walk steadily, and don’t act too hastily, especially when the vehicle is running, don’t stand up in advance and wait to get off the bus, so as not to be shaken and injured due to unstable standing. Definitely not an alarmist, because I have seen this happen with my own eyes. When I went out to take the community bus that day, an elderly woman in her 70s got on the bus on the way. After she got into the car, like me, she was standing because the seat was full and no one offered her seat. Unexpectedly, when the car turned, she fell in front of the door. When I stepped forward to help her up, her left ankle was so painful that she could not walk. When the driver saw this, he complained that the young man in the car was rude, and let all the passengers get out of the car, and then directly sent the injured to a nearby hospital. Seeing a cut grows a wisdom, this incident has made me remember.

I didn’t know these things at first, but in recent years, I have occasionally experienced dizziness, which made me wiser. In fact, for the health of the elderly, it is not only necessary to eat a cut to grow one’s wisdom, but also to “listen to a cut to grow one’s wisdom”.

Longevity people have their own “secrets”, but the core of each secret is to slow everything down. Slowness may be redundant for mild-mannered people, but for impatient people like me, it is undoubtedly a good aphorism.