It’s 2022, does anyone still believe these 8 nutrition rumors?

Stumbling on the road to health, there are always “famous sayings” of various fake experts circulating around the world.

Thinking that you are abiding by the golden rule that will make you live a hundred years old, but in fact it is a nutritional rumor that makes no sense.

Take a look at these fake nutrition creeds. Do you believe in any of them?

Natural spices are healthier

Now we all know that eating too much sugar, salt and other seasonings is harmful to health. Usually, we use less seasonings in cooking and stir-fries, and we also consciously eat less processed foods.

But they are not defensive about natural seasonings, honey, maple syrup… drink several cups of water every day; eat a few tablespoons of coconut oil every day, trying to detoxify health by drinking oil .

No matter how natural sugar and oil are, it is still sugar and oil in essence! The harm caused by eating too much is no different from eating ordinary sugar and oil. It will never change its essential properties because of “naturalness”.

Unrefined sugars such as honey, maple syrup, etc. may contain small amounts of vitamins and minerals, but in very small amounts.

They are still essentially added sugars and should be controlled within the limits of daily intake: the World Health Organization WHO recommends that control calories from free sugars, No more than 10% of daily energy needs, preferably within 5%.

Coconut oil contains more than 90% saturated fat, which is probably the food with the highest saturated fat content on earth.

Don’t think that you can eat it recklessly if you replace the oil at home with coconut oil, and don’t just drink coconut oil every day for healthy detoxification!

▲ Do you still remember this famous coconut oil health Weibo by Sister Yaya?

Coconut oil is not healthier than other vegetable oils. Don’t trust the hype about the benefits of coconut oil; pay more attention to its saturated fat content and your overall diet.

World Health Organization and dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend that saturated fat should not exceed 10% of energy;

The American Heart Association recommends that the energy supply ratio of saturated fat should be controlled at 5%-6%, based on 2000kcal a day, then calorie from saturated fat should not exceed 120kcal strong>, about a tablespoon (13g) of coconut oil.

Full-fat foods = fatter

Modern people’s food is too rich, and if you don’t pay attention, you will gain weight… So fat has become the most feared thing for everyone.

In fact, fat has many beneficial functions. It protects our organs, maintains cell membranes, promotes growth and development, and absorbs essential vitamins.

Recommendation by the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents: Fat should account for 20%~30% of the energy supply ratio of the three major nutrients, which is not a small proportion!

So, don’t panic about fat, control your intake, and choose a healthier type of fat!

▲ Whole milk, skimmed milk, how to choose? Photo:

Little Chestnut also often receives private messages asking: How to choose whole milk and skim milk to lose weight?

The answer is to choose according to your own taste preferences and eating habits. If your diet is high in saturated fat, choosing skim milk is an effective way to reduce saturated fat.

If you simply rely on skim milk to lose weight, the effect is not easy to say. After all, skim milk is low in calories, and the feeling of satiety is relatively weak. It may also make you eat more other foods to compensate for this, but the calories will increase, and people will gain weight.

Even whole milk is not a high-fat, high-cholesterol food. The risks of a diet high in added sugar and refined carbohydrates are more well-defined than with whole milk.

The overall diet is the most important!

Skipping breakfast will cause gallstones

Are you afraid of not getting up every morning?

In fact, the causes of gallstones are very complex, mainly related to gender (more women), race (Mexican-American), pregnancy, sedentary, age, genetics, metabolism and other factors Sex is greater, and diet is less related.

If you don’t eat breakfast, you will get gallstones. After thinking about it, it may be because fasting time is too long, bile cannot be discharged in time, and gallstones are formed.

However, this problem is not caused by skipping breakfast, but skipping breakfast and fasting for too long, which leads to an imbalance in the rhythm of bile production and secretion, increasing the risk of gallstones.

In short, an irregular diet, one meal without a meal, is more harmful than a regular skipping breakfast.

▲ Actually, I hate taking breaks as much as you do

It’s like if you have to work 14 days in a row, and give you 4 days off, you won’t be able to slow down!

Of course, many people who eat regularly have gallstones. The problem may be eating too many high-refined carbs, or dieting.

In short, whether to eat breakfast or not is a matter of personal habits and has little to do with gallstones.

Can’t eat staple food to lose weight

In summer, there are many people who don’t eat rice.

After all, if you wear less clothes, you have to cook less rice, otherwise the extra pounds of flesh on your body will be clearly seen in the mirror.

But you can’t rely on the staple food for your body fat! How much did you eat in total, how much you moved, why can’t you lose weight, don’t we know?

And whether you lose weight or not, you can’t save the staple food!

Carbohydrates provide 50%-65% of a person’s daily energy needs. Carbohydrates have the function of satiety and energy supply to the brain. Failure to consume enough carbohydrates will lead to dizziness, fatigue, emotional instability, memory loss, and women may also have menstrual disorders.

It is really unnecessary to cut off carbohydrates to lose weight. We can start by controlling the total intake of carbohydrates and optimizing the types of carbohydrate intake.

For example, if you eat a lot of fruit in summer, you should eat a little less of the staple food; replace some of the staple food with whole grains, but you can’t eat it completely.

Microwaves cause cancer

Does it mean that every time you cook a meal at home, your parents always tell you to keep the distance from the microwave oven for nucleic acid testing, because “radiation can cause cancer!”


Actually, no food, whether microwaved or microwaved, causes cancer.

▲ Microwave oven: I’m safe, don’t be afraid. by satheeshsankaranfrom pixababy

Microwave ovens do produce radiation, but this radiation is low-energy non-ionizing radiation with a wavelength between infrared and radio waves (such as radio broadcasting, radio communications), which is harmful to the human body. harmless.

Using a microwave oven to heat food is a kind of physical heating. The microwave makes the water molecules in the food rub against each other to generate heat. The temperature of the food heated by the microwave oven will not be higher than 100°C, and the food itself will not any chemical change occurs. Therefore, food heated by microwave ovens will not cause cancer.

Fresh juice is healthier

Everyone now defaults that it is not good to eat sugar, drink milk tea, and drink juice.

However, it still maintains a pure natural trust in freshly squeezed fruit juice, thinking that it is made of fresh fruit after all, there must be only advantages and no disadvantages.

Actually squeezing the fruit into juice will destroy its cell structure, and many beneficial antioxidant components will directly contact oxygen and various oxidative enzymes, causing losses.

If you drink the juice without drinking the dregs, many insoluble nutrients in the fruit, such as calcium and dietary fiber, will be wasted.

The sugars in fruits, mainly sucrose, fructose and glucose, are harmful to health if eaten too much. Turning fruit into juice can easily lead to excessive sugar intake.

After all, the fruit is big, and it’s easy to get full if you eat it directly, so you can’t eat too much; but it’s much easier to drink juice. It’s easy to drink one cup, and two or three cups are not difficult; but it’s a bit embarrassing to kill 5 oranges in one go.

In a word, it is best to eat the whole fruit, if you can, don’t squeeze the juice.

Drinking porridge can nourish the stomach

Friends with bad stomach, most of them have the demon barrier of “light diet”.

But in fact, white porridge has a single nutritional component and lacks protein. Drinking only white porridge for a long time is prone to malnutrition, but it is not conducive to the recovery of chronic gastritis and ulcers. A balanced, nutrient-dense diet can protect and promote the healing of the gastric mucosa.

In addition, people with bad stomachs have more or less the problem of too little gastric acid secretion.

▲ When you have an upset stomach, eat small, frequent meals.

Low stomach acid production can lead to poor absorption of vitamin B12, as well as reduced absorption of calcium, iron, and other nutrients.

Therefore, people with bad stomach should pay more attention to rich and balanced nutritional intake. Compared with porridge, a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits and high-quality protein is more suitable for friends with a bad stomach.

Can’t eat xx on an empty stomach

If you are given a fill-in-the-blank question: You cannot eat ____ on an empty stomach. What will you fill in? yogurt? banana? milk? sweet potato? Zongzi? Or tomatoes?

The above foods that are rumored to not be eaten on an empty stomach can be eaten on an empty stomach. And… don’t you have an empty stomach after taking a bite?

“Eating on an empty stomach” in daily life often refers to the choice of food when you feel hungry before a certain meal, and it can also be understood as “the choice of eating order”.

Ordinary people can eat whatever they want, regardless of whether they have any goods in their stomachs. But for friends with bad stomach or certain diseases, it is necessary to consider the order of eating when eating.

For example, friends with diabetes should not eat foods with high glycemic index on an empty stomach. Instead, they should eat vegetables and meat first, and then eat staple food, so that the blood sugar response will be small.

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