Itchy skin does not stop, and liver disease must be ruled out!

(picture from the Internet)

Da Li is in his 40s and has been experiencing a lot of eczema on his skin for more than half a year. I ignored it at first, but the eczema spread from the arms to the torso, neck and other parts, and the itching was unbearable. I went to many hospital dermatologists to see a doctor, but they always treat the symptoms rather than the root causes. Every time I take the medicine, it will be relieved, and once I stop the medicine, it will relapse. Over and over again, painfully. Recently, he went to see a doctor in a famous large hospital in the country. The doctor suggested that he do a liver B-ultrasound to rule out liver disease. B-ultrasound examination results are surprising: advanced liver cancer.

In clinical practice, some skin itching may be related to the liver. When there is liver disease, abnormal liver function may lead to jaundice and itching of the skin. If skin itching occurs repeatedly for no reason, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible to rule out liver disease.