It nourishes yin and clears heat when eaten raw, and nourishes liver and kidney when cooked! But don’t eat it with this “three whites”

Liuwei Dihuang Pill is a very common Chinese patent medicine nowadays. Its main function is to nourish yin and invigorate the kidney. It is used for dizziness, tinnitus, sore waist and weak knees, night sweats and other problems caused by deficiency of kidney yin.

Actually, as you can tell from the name, Rehmannia glutinosa plays the biggest role in this proprietary Chinese medicine. It can nourish yin and clear heat when eaten raw, and nourish the liver and kidney when eaten cooked. So the question is, can we just eat rehmannia without Liuwei Dihuang Pills to achieve the effect of invigorating the kidneys? Today, Dr. Liu will analyze this medicinal material for everyone.

Rehmannia glutinosa can be divided into fresh rehmannia, raw rehmannia, cooked rehmannia

fresh rehmannia sweet, Bitter, cold in nature, can enter the heart, liver and kidney meridians. It has the functions of clearing heat and promoting body fluid, cooling blood, and hemostasis.

Rehmannia glutinosa is sweet and cold in nature and can also enter the heart, liver and kidney meridians. It has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid. It is used to warm people’s blood, such as upset, thirst and bleeding.

Rehmannia glutinosa is sweet in taste, slightly warm in nature, and can enter the liver and kidney meridians. It has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing essence and filling marrow. It is used for people with blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, such as heart palpitations, irregular menstruation, weak waist and knees, hot flashes and night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, premature gray hair and other symptoms. And it is often used in Chinese patent medicines, and Liuwei Dihuang Wan is used as medicine.

Rehmannia glutinosa porridge

Ingredients: 15 grams of Rehmannia glutinosa, 50 grams of rice, appropriate amount of rock sugar (according to Personal taste, and diabetic patients should not add sugar).

Practice: Cut the prepared rehmannia glutinosa into slices, put it in a pot, add a proper amount of water to boil, and then simmer for 30 minutes over low heat. After cooking, take it out and filter, and remove the medicine obtained from the dregs. Juice, put it into the pot again, add the washed rice and rock sugar to cook it to make porridge, which can be eaten after the pot is out of the pot.

Rehmannia glutinosa has many benefits, but these types of people should not eat it

1. People with spleen and stomach deficiency


2. People with stagnant Qi and excessive phlegm

3. People with full stomach and loose stools

The above 3 kinds of people should not eat Rehmannia glutinosa. Although Rehmannia glutinosa is mild in nature, it is made from Rehmannia glutinosa after all.

In addition, there are taboos for taking Rehmannia glutinosa: the three whites cannot be eaten together

white radish, scallion white, and scallion white, these three Bai is pungent in taste, and pungent channeling qi. If you eat these three whites at the same time when taking Rehmannia glutinosa, then its qi-invigorating power will destroy the power of Rehmannia glutinosa to nourish yin and invigorate the kidney, thus failing to achieve the effect of nourishing. Similarly, those who are taking Liuwei Dihuang Pills should also be careful not to take it together with these three whites, which should be avoided as much as possible.

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