It is the most hated “aging agent” by the human body, and the closer people are, the faster they age! Let’s see how many you have

Everyone hopes that youth will last forever and aging will come slower, but there are always some things in life that invisibly accelerate the aging speed of various organs and corrode our health.

Keep away from the body’s “aging agent” 01 heart – trans fatty acids

Trans fatty acids will increase the body’s “bad” cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

The sources of trans fatty acids can be divided into two types: natural and synthetic. The ones we need to control are mainly synthetic.

Where the food ingredient list contains artificial fat, margarine, vegetable cream, creamer, cocoa butter substitute, refined vegetable oil, shortening, margarine, vegetable fat powder and other ingredients Yes, all of them may contain synthetic trans fatty acids, so choose as few as possible.

02Liver – Alcohol

Alcohol is the enemy of the liver, it not only interferes with the normal metabolism of nutrients by the liver , It will also affect the detoxification function of the liver, and even damage liver cells and induce liver disease.

03Kidney – Salt

The kidney is most afraid of you eating too much salty things, when we eat too much salt Too much will lead to increased osmotic pressure in the body, and excess sodium will be excreted from the kidneys, increasing the burden on the kidneys and damaging the kidneys.

The World Health Organization recommends that healthy people should eat no more than 5 grams of salt per day, and hypertensive patients should be controlled at 2 to 3 grams per day.

In addition, soy sauce, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, pickles, pickled vegetables, sauce tofu, cooked food and other processed foods also contain hidden salt, which should be taken seriously.

04 Lungs – turbid air

The lungs like fresh air very much, and if you take a walk in nature, you will be It’s a good way to nourish the lungs, but there are many turbid qi that hurt the lungs in our lives, which are ignored by us.

For example, the odor in the bathroom, the fumes in the kitchen, the dust from cleaning, the musty smell in the empty room, and the peculiar smell when rummaging through old things will all cause damage to the lungs.

In this regard, in addition to opening windows regularly for ventilation every day, it is also necessary to frequently dry old things to remove mold and wear dust masks when cleaning.

04 Spleen—lazy

Lack of exercise is almost a common problem in modern people, but the spleen controls the limbs and muscles. Your limbs and muscles are rarely active, so how can your spleen and stomach be strong?

In addition, eating takeout if you are too lazy to cook will also hurt the spleen.

Because, greasy food will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, spicy food will consume qi and damage the body, cold food will damage the spleen and stomach yang qi, too much sweet food will produce phlegm and dampness .

If you eat a full meal because of “fear of trouble”, it will damage the stomach qi and cause weakness of the spleen and stomach.

06Esophagus – hot food

The mucous membranes on the surface of the oral cavity and esophagus are very sensitive to temperature, and it can heat up when it exceeds 65°C. Burns mucous membranes. The hobby of hot food not only damages the esophagus, but also has the risk of cancer in the long run.

When eating, be sure to wait until the mouth is not hot before eating.

People who are used to hot food are not sensitive to temperature, so they should change the habit of eating hot food.

07Skin – fructose

Eating fruit as a meal replacement, for a long time, the intake of fructose is too much, the meal Unbalanced nutrition will accelerate skin aging, and severe cases may suffer from toad skin disease, which is characterized by dry and rough skin and pimples.

Generally speaking, it is enough to eat 200~350 grams of fruit per day, and at the same time, limit the intake of foods with added fructose syrup, such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, jelly, Preserved fruit etc.

08 Eyes – Sweets

Sweet food is acid-producing food after entering the body, which consumes calcium and chromium during metabolism and other alkaline elements.

When calcium and chromium are insufficient, the elasticity of the eyeball wall is reduced, and normal intraocular pressure cannot be maintained. Moreover, excessive intake of sweets can also cause changes in the osmotic pressure of the eye lens and aqueous humor. , can aggravate eye damage.

The five internal organs need you to do these the most

As the saying goes: the five internal organs are reconciled, and the disease will not come.

Today, Xiao Langzhong will tell you the five favorite movements of the five internal organs. Do each movement for one minute a day to make your body younger!

01 Heart—Patting the inside of the arm

Heart and Hand Shaoyin Heart Meridian and Hand Jueyin Pericardial Meridian They are connected and located on the inner side of the upper limbs. Slap the inner side of the arm to stimulate the meridians, which is equivalent to a benign stimulation to the heart and helps to increase the blood supply function of the heart.

02 Liver—stretching the waist

Liver controls emotions, and mainly focuses on smoothness. Working or maintaining one movement for a long time can easily lead to liver qi stagnation. Stretching can make people feel comfortable, stretch the body, relax the body and mind, and achieve the effect of regulating emotions and widening the chest and regulating qi.

03 Spleen – rubbing the stomach

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and traditional Chinese medicine has always advocated that “the abdomen should be rubbed frequently” Health care method, half an hour after a meal, one palm or the base of the palm is attached to the abdomen, the other hand is pressed against the back of the hand, and the rotation is clockwise. Long-term adherence can increase gastrointestinal motility and enhance the function of the spleen and stomach.

04 Lungs – Deep Breathing

Breathing fresh air into the lungs through deep breathing increases lung capacity and makes our lungs healthier.

In order to protect the lungs, you can set aside some time each day for brisk walking or jogging.

Exercise will strengthen the contraction of the lungs. When you feel phlegm, cough twice consciously, which can more easily cough up the dirt on the lung lobes.

05Kidney – tiptoe

Titoing can stimulate the Kidney Meridian of Foot Shaoyin and dredge the Three Yin Meridians of Foot. Make the Qi in the body run upwards, thereby warming the kidneys and stimulating the Qi in the body.

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