It is suggested that if the middle-aged and elderly people are not poor in money, a must-have item in the home can remove dampness and make them look younger and healthier.

Heavy dampness means that dampness is a heavy, turbid and qualitative evil. It belongs to yin. Wait, women often feel uncomfortable when they are heavy with humidity. How can a woman with heavy humidity get rid of the humidity the fastest? Let’s take a look below!

1 meal dehumidification

Food comes from nature. Some ingredients are relatively healthy. After eating, they can nourish the body and can effectively remove dampness. Among the grains, the first recommendation: red bean barley, red bean has blood and dampness. Efficacy, barley water dispels dampness, if you eat red beans and barley together, it can play a very good dampness-removing effect, which is conducive to the recuperation of physique, and red beans can nourish blood, if women eat it regularly, it can also play a role in nourishing blood. Eat it, it will look good.

2 Exercise to remove dampness

When exercising, the blood vessels in the body expand and exercise for a period of time After that, the metabolism of the body will speed up, which can promote blood circulation. If you exercise regularly, it can also improve the body’s immunity and help the body to expel moisture. Therefore, women with heavy humidity can do moderate exercise every day. Recommended exercises for women to remove dampness are: jogging, dancing, etc. The rhythm of jogging is not very fast, but after running for a while, you will sweat, and the effect of dehumidification is better; dancing can move the whole body, make the body better, and also can exercise. Sweat wicking, these two sports are more suitable for women.

3 Foot soaking to remove dampness

Foot soaking is a relatively common way of health preservation , Many people like to soak their feet, especially in winter. The feet are the end of the body, and the blood supply is often insufficient. Soaking feet in winter can warm the feet, promote metabolism, and improve blood circulation. If a woman has heavy humidity , You can put some Chinese herbal medicines with warming and pungent effects in the water to soak your feet, which can promote the circulation of qi and blood, accelerate the speed of the body’s dampness and coldness, and help your health.

The Yao ethnic minority distributed in Guangdong and Guangxi in my country, where they live in rainy and foggy mountains with severe humidity, are extremely vulnerable to diseases, but they are world famous. One of the “Longevity Nation”.

The Yao people have been in a rainy and foggy area with severe humidity for a long time, but why are they so healthy?

That’s because they have secret recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and the representative one is “Three Medicated Baths”.

Yao women generally have several births, but very few suffer from gynecological diseases. And under the accumulation, formed its own set of national medicine.

Today, the editor will recommend to you the inheritance of Yao bathing that was born and raised in Dayao Mountain in Guangxi People-Zeng Shan

Hello everyone, my name is Zeng Shan, everyone calls me Zeng elder brother. I am 43 years old this year. I am an authentic Yao nationality. I have lived in the Dayao Mountains for generations and made a living by collecting herbs. I have always adhered to three principles:

“No money for minor illnesses, no money for villagers, no money for the poor”. I also often grind the dried Chinese herbal medicines into powder and pack them into medicine packs according to the ancestral formula, and give them to the neighbors who are sick nearby, so we are praised and respected locally.

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According to your physique and physical condition

customized Yao bath powder from Dayao Mountain for your free consultation

Our family’s Yao bath powder, all the medicinal materials are wild, dried and ground into powder by hand. According to ancestral secret recipes and years of medical experience, combined with modern human constitution and different conditions, it is formulated into a variety of effects The Yao bath bag, pure plant does not contain any additives.

Whether you are heavy humidity, confinement disease, insomnia, long spots or uterine cold, gynecological disease, hair loss, big belly Belly, etc., men and women can find the corresponding conditioning Yao bath bag.

But in recent years, as the magic of Yao bathing has gradually become known to people, many people came to our mountains to take a few photos and made cheap medicinal materials. The Yao bath bag that I used was pretending to be from our Dayao Mountain. People who didn’t understand used these Yao bath bags, which not only didn’t work, but also destroyed the reputation of Dayao Mountain.

In order to promote authentic Yao bathing, Brother Zeng and many well-known Yao doctors of Yao nationality studied traditional Yao medicine and carried forward Yao bathing. People can use the real Yao bath bag and experience the authentic Yao bath.

4 Living Care

If a woman has a lot of humidity, she should pay close attention to her daily life. After bathing and shampooing, she needs to dry her body and hair in time, and don’t wear wet clothes to avoid getting wet In addition, if you get caught in the rain outside, you need to go home to take a shower and change your clothes in time to avoid cold and moisture entering your body. If you already have moisture in your body, you need to pay more attention to all aspects of life to avoid Moisture enters the body, aggravating its own discomfort.

5 ​​Is it okay to drink more water when the humidity is heavy?

Drinking water properly is enough. Moisture is divided into internal dampness and external dampness. External dampness is generally caused by factors such as humid climate, rain and water, and damp living. It is the source of life. Everyone needs to drink water every day. People with heavy humidity should also replenish water every day. The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016) pointed out that adults should drink 1500ml to 1700ml of water every day. It includes both the water that you drink directly and the water contained in the ingested food. People with heavy humidity can also refer to this water supplement dosage for appropriate water supplement.

Whether the humidity is heavy or not, mainly depends on these 6 points

In our life , many people will encounter the situation of heavy humidity. If you want to know whether your humidity is heavy, you can judge by these points:

Thick tongue coating Greasy

The tongue can sensitively reflect the condition of the body, people with heavy moisturethe tongue body is fat, and the The edges are jagged. If the tongue coating is thick, white, moist and slippery, it means that the body is cold and damp; if the tongue coating is thick or rough, greasy and yellow, it means that the damp heat is heavy.

Face is prone to oil

People with heavy moisture are prone to oily face , especially around the nose, nose and foreheadoil is more pronounced, and the face is shiny, My hair is also oily, with serious dark circles, drooping eye bags, and a dark and yellow complexion.

Heavy and sluggish

A person with heavy humidity experiences Very tired, I always feel unable to wake up, even if I wake up, I can’t relieve my fatigue, I don’t want to exercise, my whole body is not refreshed, I feel sleepy easily, feel dizzy, my memory deteriorates, my calves are heavy and sore, etc. This is also known as traditional Chinese medicine. Said wet, heavy, turbid and sticky.

Stool is sticky and unformed

If your stool is often sticky and unformed, and< /span>The appearance is soft and rotten, I always feel that it is not clean when defecation, and the stool sticks to the toilet and it is difficult to be washed away, which also means that the moisture in the body Heavier.


No significant changes in rest and diet, but weight If it is increasing significantly, it may also be a sign of too much moisture.

Loss of appetite

Damp pathogens will cause trouble to the spleen and affect the function of spleen transport and transformation , specifically manifested as loss of appetite, abdominal distention, chest tightness, sticky mouth and heavy odor after waking up, and throat discomfort after a long time Refreshing, phlegm and other symptoms in the throat.

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According to your physique and physical condition

We will customize the Yao bath powder from Dayao Mountain for your free consultation

Which diseases are not related to humidity?

The humidity is both external and internal.The external humidity is mainly due to the humid environment, rain and wading , The humidity of the place of residence is caused by the humidity. The humidity is heaviest in summer, so it is easy to be troubled by external humidity.

Internal dampness is the product of the pathological changes of the disease, usually caused by eating too much cold food or drinking too much alcohol< span> The spleen-yang is out of luck, and the spleen is mainly responsible for transporting and transforming water and fluid, and it likes dryness and dislikes dampness. Therefore, exogenous dampness pathogens will lead to spleen-yang insufficiency, hindering its transport and transformation, resulting in the endogenous accumulation of water and dampness in the body to form dampness. .

In addition, chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes require long-term medication, these drugs It is easy to have side effects, such as damp-heat in the spleen and stomach, damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder, etc.; mental stress in work and life, and it is also easy to cause dampness due to spleen deficiency.

Moisture can affect the health of the human body and cause various diseases. Moisture can block the meridian joints, resulting in numbness of the limbs and joints Painand other symptoms, also known as “dampness”.

Dampness will also hinder the qi movement, resulting in poor qi movement, and the dampness will be stubborn and difficult to remove, resulting in repeated episodes of eczema and wet paralysis, and the lingering is difficult to heal; , Hypertension, fatty liver, asthma, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and many other diseases are related to moisture.

Don’t want to get wet repeatedly, use these 5 methods

Heavy moisture is a situation that many people will encounter. If you want to avoid being repeatedly plagued by moisture, you must use these methods:


Diet has a greater impact on moisture. If you often eat cold or spicy food, it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, resulting in metabolic disorders and difficult to remove moisture. . In addition, overeating, irregular diet and other habits will also damage the function of the spleen and stomach, which is easy to form moisture.

Therefore, in the usual diet, eat less cold, spicy, sweet and sour food, and do not overeating , develop regular eating habits, at the same time, you can also eat more foods that have the effect of removing dampness.

Barley: Barley is sweet in nature and has the functions of invigorating the spleen, removing dampness, reducing water and swelling, and can promote the human body It can reduce swelling and diuresis, and can also improve edema-type obesity;

Poria:Poria cocos is an important medicinal material that blindly diureses water and reduces swelling. It has the effects of inducing dampness and diuresis, calming the mind, and strengthening the stomach and spleen. It can also be used to treat spleen deficiency;

Chixiaodou:Chixiaodou has the functions of reducing swelling and dampness, detoxifying and expelling pus. Efficacy;

white lentils: the property is slightly warm, returns to the stomach and spleen meridians, and has the effect of dispelling dampness and tonifying the spleen;

Yam: Spleen, Lung and Kidney meridians are invigorating and nourishing. A good product for the spleen, lung and kidney;

Winter melon: Winter melon has the functions of reducing swelling and detoxification, clearing away heat and diverting water, promoting body fluid and eliminating vexation. , and the diuretic effect of wax gourd is relatively strong, which is very suitable for people with edema.


Appropriate exercise helps the blood run For the effect of dampness and phlegm, you can choose walking, tai chi, cycling, Baduanjin, square dancing, mountain climbing, jogging, etc., you can also often use hot water to soak your feet , massaging the meridians, also helps the blood run.

·work and rest

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if you don’t sleep when the time comes, the liver will not be able to Rest, and staying up late to use the eyes will also increase the burden on the liver, lead to disorders of liver and gallbladder metabolism, easily induce liver and gallbladder dampness, and often feel dry eyes, pain, dizziness and other symptoms, which are all caused by liver and gallbladder damp-heat. Therefore, it is usually necessary to develop a good routine of work and rest, and do not stay up late.


A person’s emotions can affect the human body, such as happiness, Emotions such as anger, fear, thinking, fright, worry, and sadness will have a certain impact on the human body, which can easily lead to the abnormal transportation and transformation of body fluids in the body, resulting in moisture.

If you are often angry, it will lead to damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder, and anxiety can easily lead to damp-heat in the large intestine and lung. Therefore, in peacetime, we should pay attention tomaintain a peaceful state of mind, resolve negative emotions in time, relieve stress, and avoid emotional wetness.


The dog days, the rainy season, and the excessive use of humidifiers can easily lead to excessive humidity in the body. Especially in the Lingnan area, there is a lot of rain, and the hot climate can easily increase the humidity. Therefore, keep the place where you live dry, cool, and well-ventilated.

Moisture can easily lead to a variety of diseases. We should pay attention to preventing moisture intrusion in our lives, develop good living and eating habits, and avoid moisture Pissed off.

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