Is yam a good product for nourishing the stomach? People who often eat yam may reap 3 major benefits, and the effect of eating this way is good

Xiaojiu often receives private messages with similar content in the background:

“I was too busy with work and irregular diet some time ago, which caused frequent stomach problems. Now When I was free, I wanted to nourish my stomach. I heard that yam can nourish the stomach. span>

Yam, I believe that everyone usually eats a lot of yam. It is a food with the same origin of medicine and food. In the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, yam is listed as the top quality tonic, With the reputation of “little ginseng”,has the effect of invigorating the spleen, nourishing the lung, nourishing the qi and strengthening the kidney.

Is yam really good for nourishing the stomach? What happens to your body when you eat regularly?

First, yam is of the same origin as medicine and food, not only nourishing the stomach but also “replenishing the shape”?

Yam is indeed a high-quality and inexpensive “supplement” with rich nutrition, including a large amount of vitamins, minerals, amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other healthy ingredients .

At the same time, it also has medicinal value, because it contains yam polysaccharide, diosgenin and other ingredients.

As for yam, there is a saying that “the shape complements the shape”, mainly because of the diosgenin in it. If ingested, this substance can produce some stimulant effects.

Afterwards, some health articles began to hype that eating yam can stimulate sexual excitement, especially “iron stick yam”, which can be Complementary form, more and more exaggerated. But the efficacy of yam is limited, and everyone should look at it rationally.

As for yam to nourish the stomach, it is indeed possible.

Because the starch granules in yam are relatively small, the crude fiber content is low, easy to digest, and less irritating to the stomach , and yam can also promote the production of digestive enzymes, improve digestion speed, and is beneficial to gastrointestinal health.

In short, yam is a good thing, you can eat it properly at ordinary times, it is good for your health.

Second, eating yam is tonic, eating wrong is “gunpowder”

Although yam is good, it has certain effects, but the premise is that you have to eat it correct. Fan Zhihong, director of the Chinese Nutrition Society, said that eating yam correctly can benefit the body a lot.

1. Helps digestion

The content of amylopectin in yam starch is relatively Tall, easily digestible. Plus it also stimulates the digestive system to produce more digestive enzymes, which also helps promote digestion.

2. Improve immunity

Some studies have found that yam extract can improve the proliferation ability of immune cells, thereby improving the body’s resistance to digestive tract infectious diseases.

3. Protect the gastrointestinal tract

The texture of yam is relatively fine and coarse. The fiber content is also relatively small, which is less irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. Its unique mucin can also moisturize the gastric mucosa, protect the stomach wall and protect the gastrointestinal tract.

It can be seen that there are still many benefits of yam, and it can be eaten in moderation.

But it should be noted that not everyone is suitable for eating yam, such as:< /span>

Constipation: Chinese yam has the effect of regulating the spleen and stomach and stopping diarrhea, but it will aggravate the symptoms of constipation after eating;< /span>

diabetic patients: Because yam contains high starch content, too much intake can easily lead to blood sugar fluctuations;

renal insufficiency: Chinese yam contains a lot of potassium, too much intake can increase the burden on the kidneys ,Worse.

So, before eating yam, you must know whether it is suitable for you to eat, so as to avoid harming yourself by eating the wrong thing.

Third, what does a good yam look like? Share 3 tips

Yam is also divided into good and bad, so how to choose a good yam?

There are two main types of yam currently on the market, one is crispy yam, which is thicker in size, smoother in surface, and less in whiskers.Suitable for stir-frying or stewing. One is the iron stick yam, which is thin and long and has a lot of whiskers.Suitable for steaming or dessert dishes. You can buy according to your needs and preferences.

How should I choose when buying yam? Remember this “Three Character Classic”


that is, weigh it and feel it Its weight, a yam of the same size, would be better if heavier.


Approximately count the number of hairs and hairs, the more the number, the better the taste , nutrition is also higher.


If the appearance is complete, uniform in thickness, without unusual spots or decay , The flesh of the cross section is snow-white, indicating that the yam is relatively fresh.

And if there are many pimples or abnormal spots on the surface, and the flesh on the cross-section is yellow like rust, it means that the yam is relatively old or infected with diseases, so it is best not to buy it.

Extension – why does cutting yam make my hands itchy? 2 ways to relieve itching easily

Although yam is delicious, it is still troublesome to handle. When some people are cutting yam, when the sticky, slippery mucus sticks to their hands When I feel itchy, why is this?

Yam mucus is simply a complex of sugar and protein, and the presence of these two substances makes it sticky. In addition, it also contains a small amount of allantoin, diosgenin, catecholamine and other elements.

Yam mucus is itchy,mainly because of the allantoin it contains,This is a non-histamine itch-causing substance that causes itching when it gets on the mucus.

The mucus accidentally got on my hand, how should I stop itching? 2 ways to help relieve itching:

One is to soak in water, very simple, wash your hands, take a In a clean water basin, pour an appropriate amount of hot water with a temperature of about 40 degrees, and soak it for 5-8 minutes to relieve itching to a certain extent;

Secondly, Vinegar wash, also wash your hands first, pour some white vinegar, and rub your hands repeatedly to neutralize the plant alkali and relieve itching. Rice vinegar and mature vinegar are also acceptable.

Summary: Yam has high nutrition, many benefits and good taste, it is a good price Inexpensive and good food, proper consumption is beneficial to health, but we must pay attention to the correct consumption method and selection method, so that we can better enjoy the food.


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