Is Xiaoqinggan a medicine? Experts say this

Recently, some netizens think that the citrus green peel used in Xiaoqing citrus tea is a medicine in the classics. . Zheng Guodong, an associate professor at Guangzhou Medical University, believes that “it is not possible to rigidly pick words” and “the medicines in the ‘medicine and food homology’ and the health food list are constantly improved in scientific research and practical application.”

“Like ginseng and Prunella, both They are traditional Chinese herbal medicines, which were only included in the list of health food products by the Ministry of Health in 2017.” Zheng Guodong believes, “With the continuous verification of scientific development and clinical experiments, many varieties of medicines listed in traditional Chinese medicine books are gradually becoming more and more important. To become health food, today when the concept of big health has become a consensus, these medicines listed in the “medicine and food homology” and health food list have not only nutritional value, but also disease prevention and treatment, physical fitness, and longevity.”

Zheng Pi Guodong said that the new society belongs to “Medicine Tongyuan” ”, the small green citrus and the big red citrus used to make tangerine peel are only different in the picking season, and the types of ingredients are similar. The main difference is the content of flavonoids, and the small green citrus is higher. “The therapeutic effects of flavonoids in tangerine peel in anti-tumor, anti-oxidation and cardiovascular protection have been scientifically demonstrated. Xiaoqing orange contains more flavonoids and has stronger medicinal properties, but no toxic side effects have been found, and it is put into the market as a tea product. It has also been widely recognized by consumers for several years.”

In fact, the Xinhui District Government has been committed to promoting the practice of the authentic origin of Xinhui tangerine peel and the same origin of medicine and food , The citrus tea products, which are combined with Xinhui citrus and various tea products, have gradually moved towards the national pattern in terms of industrial poverty alleviation.

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