Is the “tumor” in the lungs actually eaten? Zhejiang No. 1 expert: Pay attention to these when eating barbecue…

Night supper and a string

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43-year-old brother Long (pseudonym)

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Lungs “eaten” by parasites

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Many people choose camping dinners

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This issue must be taken seriously

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Hospital for chest tightness and shortness of breath

The local doctor is confused

Long Ge, a 43-year-old native from the north, runs an online car-hailing business somewhere in Zhejiang. He usually likes to find a street shop after get off work to have a snack to relieve the tiredness of running around all day.

Two months ago, Brother Long had a faint pain in his front chest and chest on the right side, and sometimes even radiated to the back. He didn’t take it seriously because he had a sore back after driving an online car-hailing ride for a day. He bought painkillers at the pharmacy by himself.

A week ago, Brother Long noticed that he had chest tightness, shortness of breath, increased chest pain, and shortness of breath after walking with large strides. , the symptoms of expectoration, for which he went to the local hospital.

According to the chest CT scan results of the local hospital, the left upper lobe and lower lobes of both lungs were considered as inflammatory lesions, and bilateral pleural effusion was observed. The local doctor’s initial diagnosis of pleural effusion may be caused by two conditions: pleural effusion caused by the metastasis of malignant tumor to the pleura or tuberculous infection.

But upon further examination, both initial diagnoses were unfounded. What are the changes in the lungs and pleural effusion? The local doctor was confused and suggested that Brother Long go to the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine for further diagnosis.

One indicator shows signs

Instantly catch the “pest” in the lungs

At the expert clinic of Wang Jie, Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Zhejiang University First Hospital, he was very experienced. He noticed that there was not only pleural effusion, but also pleural effusion in the local lung CT of Longge. There was pericardial effusion, and deputy chief physician Wang Jie also found that the eosinophils were significantly increased in the local blood routine and pleural effusion reports in Longge.

Elevated eosinophils combined with polyserosal effusion, Director Wang first thought of parasitic infection, but Brother Long has always denied having an unclean diet Or the habit of eating raw food. Just in case, Director Wang immediately admitted Brother Long to the hospital and arranged a blood parasite antibody test.

Deputy Chief Physician Wang Jie said that the causes of polyserosal effusions are very complicated, In addition to infections, hematological tumors and autoimmune diseases are also very likely< /strong>In addition to waiting for the parasite antibody results, we should also improve bone marrow puncture and thoracic puncture tests to identify the cause of Long Ge as soon as possible. While waiting for the results, Brother Long’s chest pain symptoms worsened, and ordinary pain relievers could not relieve his chest pain.

Fortunately, just when Director Wang Jie was feeling anxious about Brother Long’s condition, the result of “Porcine cysticercosis antibody” came out. The cause was found. The source of the polyserosal effusion in Long Ge turned out to be the parasite cysticerci, which made a nest in the lungs and reproduced offspring.

After the results came out, Director Wang Jie immediately contacted Director Huang Jianrong, Director of the Tropical and Parasitic Disease Branch of Zhejiang Medical Association and Deputy Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University. He said that a normal person Most of the blood eosinophils were less than 5%, while Longo’s eosinophils were 31%. Eosinophils have the function of killing bacteria and parasites. If this cell in our body increases sharply, it means that it is working frantically to fight against bacteria and parasites, “Generally speaking, the struggle is so fierce. ,It is estimated that there are parasitic lesions in the body, and patients with elevated eosinophils must not forget the possibility of parasitic infection. Intestinal parasitic diseases are the most common, but some parasites that invade the brain can cause headache, hemiplegia, coma, etc., and are the most dangerous.

The medical team also paid attention to Brother Long’s eating habits again. Brother Long said that he never eats raw food, but because of work, he often goes to roadside barbecue stalls in the middle of the night, and he loves roasting. Get tender pork belly.

“Illness comes from the mouth, and this parasite is likely to enter your body through the barbecue you eat.” Chief Physician Huang Jianrong said that he has received a lot of clinical consultations. Cases of parasitic infection caused by unclean diet, especially those who have the habit of eating raw food, such as raw drunken shrimp and raw drunken crab.

At present, Brother Long has been treated with deworming and anti-infection treatment and has improved. After this incident, he has a long memory.

What is Cysticercosis?

These habits deserve attention!

Chief Physician Huang Jianrong said that the parasitic cysticercosis in the human body like Long Ge is called cysticercosis, which is similar to the common diseases we are familiar with such as roundworm and pinworm. Human parasitic disease, but the difference is that the disease is caused by the infection of Taenia taeniasis (pig tapeworm) and its larvae, cysticercosis, parasitizing the lungs.

Because humans are the ultimate host and intermediate host of tapeworms, after ingesting meat products such as pork infected with cysticercosis or food contaminated with eggs, the eggs pass through the digestive juices in the intestinal tract. The role of the larvae hatched, and then drilled into the intestinal wall, with the blood circulation and lymph to reach all parts of the body, the parasites in the dragon’s lungs, it is here that they enter the lungs through the blood circulation, and the average incubation period is three months.

However, Chief Physician Huang Jianrong said that the parasite’s favorite part of the human body is the brain. Since the human brain has the largest blood circulation, it is the brain that is most often affected, resulting in serious Brain damage and even life-threatening.

Avoiding parasitic diseases is mainly based on prevention, and the key is to change bad eating habits. In addition, Director Huang Jianrong emphasized that many young people like to barbecue outdoors by themselves. When grilling kebabs, they must pay attention to the meat, and do not eat raw meat to cause parasitic infection.


Separation of raw and cooked food cutting boards;


The pork must be cooked thoroughly when cooking, and get rid of the habit of eating raw meat;


Practice good hygiene and wash hands before and after meals;


Pay attention to “rice pork” and do not eat pork of unknown origin;


Livestock are kept in captivity to avoid mutual infection between humans and animals;

This article is original by the First Academy of Zhejiang University