Is the radish a “catalyst” for nodules? Doctor: If you don’t want nodules to become cancerous, eat 3 foods less

With the continuous improvement of medical equipment, more and more tiny nodules are found by the human body, so the detection rate of nodules is getting higher and higher. For those who find nodules in the body during physical examination, they are worried that the nodules will become cancerous.

Most of the nodules found on imaging are shadows, for example, lung nodules are found in imaging examinations Shadows smaller than three centimeters are collectively referred to as nodules when the nature of the nodules is uncertain.

Most nodules are benign, so don’t worry, but some nodules can become malignant , In order to avoid cancerous nodules, special attention should be paid to diet.

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Is radish a “catalyst” for nodules?

Most diseases are related to unhealthy diet, including nodules. If you develop good eating habits, it is easy to induce nodules.

Some people say that white radish is a catalyst for nodules, so people who are found to have nodules in their bodies cannot eat white radish , otherwise it will lead to aggravation of the condition, so is there any scientific basis for this statement?

Actually, this issue needs to be analyzed in detail. The nutritional value of radish is high, which belongs to a kind of cold Food, not suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency, because it will produce a lot of gas, which is not conducive to the treatment of ulcer disease.

For knots in the body For those who suffer from severe spleen and stomach deficiency, it is best not to eat radishes, otherwise it will lead to aggravation of the disease, but for other people, they can eat radishes.


Doctor: If you don’t want nodules to become cancerous, eat less food

Some nourishing foods

Someone will Actively buy traditional Chinese medicine for nourishment, such as ginseng, snow clam, etc., hoping to maintain health and prevent nodules from becoming cancerous, but nodules are easily affected by hormone fluctuations in the human body.

Excessive nourishment will bring more nutrient supply to nodules, which can easily stimulate nodules and cause nodules If women like to drink royal jelly, it will also affect the changes of nodules, so if they don’t want nodules to become cancerous, they should eat less nourishing food.

Fried, pickled food

Whether it is people with lung nodules or breast nodules and Thyroid nodules, people should not eat more fried and pickled foods, because fried foods contain high fat content, and there are more nitrites in pickled foods.

Regular consumption of these two types of food will have adverse effects on health, so people with nodules in the body Try not to eat it, otherwise it may increase the risk of cancer invisibly.

Alcohol and Alcohol Products

Metabolism and hormones in the body will be affected by alcohol, and these abnormalities will also be manifested in nodules, for breast nodules and thyroid nodulesFor the general population, regular drinking can increase the risk of cancer in human cells, and can also induce cancer in nodules, threatening the health of the body.


Not only to learn to eat, but also to do one thing

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that nodules are a kind of phlegm and blood stasis. If there are many negative emotions, often angry and anxious, then the body will easily grow Nodules, so patients not only have to learn to eat, but also keep a good mood.

Often angry, poor excretion of liver qi, easy to cause nodules, so don’t always complain, also Don’t always be bored in your heart and get angry, otherwise it will easily lead to physical problems.

If you want the nodules to dissipate, you must maintain a good mood, and you must conduct self-education when encountering unhappy things , think about the problem from another angle, or divert your attention, and do what you like, maybe you will not be so angry.

Remind everyone again, nodules It’s not terrible, because the nodules may disappear automatically, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself, ensure a healthy lifestyle, and don’t put a burden on your body. Maybe the next time you go to the hospital for a review, you will find that the nodules have disappeared. there is none left.