Is the fourth stitch about to open? Reminder: Those who plan to vaccinate keep in mind that these 6 types of people should not be vaccinated

Recently, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is very serious, even comparable to that of Wuhan. Many medical staff rushed to Shanghai to support them without hesitation. The residents of Shanghai are just to help them. Get rid of the troubles of the epidemic as soon as possible and return to normal production and life.

According to news reports, in this epidemic, most of the infected persons were mild or asymptomatic infections, and many patients experienced After the appropriate treatment, he was discharged from the hospital.

The virus spreading in Shanghai this time is a mutated strain – Omicron, with low pathogenicity , but it is highly contagious. Even after vaccination, many people are not immune and are still infected with the virus.


Why do I still get Ormiconi after being vaccinated?

First of all, the main role of the new crown vaccine is to form antibodies in the human body and enhance the body’s resistance , but it does not play a role in completely blocking the infection of the new crown virus. If you do not pay attention to protection after receiving the new crown vaccine, you will still have the possibility of infection.

Secondly, the reason why the new crown vaccine will be infected may also be related to individual differences, because the new crown vaccine population The scope is relatively wide. For people who are weak and immunocompromised, the effect of the new crown vaccine is not great, and they will still be infected.

In addition, the number of vaccinations for the new crown is also related to its effect. Usually, the first dose of the new crown vaccine can stimulate the body to produce a partial immune response, and the second The second injection can produce a good immune effect. After a certain period of time, the third injection needs to be boosted to avoid the decline of the immune effect.

Re-infection after the last vaccination with the new crown vaccine may also be related to their own living habits. For the population of 100,000 people, they should stop drinking alcohol, avoid spicy and stimulating food, and pay attention to rest, otherwise the effect of the new crown vaccine will be affected.


Is the fourth stitch going to start? Reminder: Those who plan to vaccinate keep in mind that these 6 types of people should not be vaccinated

due to the ongoing It’s in vogue, so people wonder if a fourth booster is needed?

The so-called fourth booster needle has been vaccinated in many foreign countries, mainly Israel, the United States, and Germany, but, At present, there is no news of this fourth injection in China, but the fourth injection has certain limitations. I hope friends in front of the screen can understand:

1. Vaccine allergy

< span>The new crown vaccine is an authoritarian vaccine developed by people for the new crown virus in today’s society, and some people, because of their special constitution, will have allergic symptoms to various components in the new crown vaccine.

2. People with a cold and fever< /p>

Because the body temperature is too high, it may lead to the death of the vaccine in the new crown vaccine. In this case, it will affect the survival rate of the new crown vaccine. It may cause the new crown vaccine to fail to achieve the original effect.

3. Difficulty breathing

In fact, the main part of the new coronavirus infecting the human body is the lungs, so for some people with breathing difficulties For people, they are likely to have various adverse reactions after being injected with the vaccine, so for patients with breathing difficulties, try not to receive the fourth round of the new crown vaccine

4. People with a family history of a series of diseases such as mental illness

For people with mental illness, the injection of the new crown vaccine is likely to stimulate a large amount of gene activity in their body, which can lead to the recurrence of the disease, so they do not Suitable for injection of the new crown vaccine.

5. Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding within three months

Newborn babies and unborn babies are not suitable for the new crown vaccine, so pregnant women or breastfeeding women during this period People under three months cannot be injected with the new crown vaccine, so as to avoid passing it from the mother to the fetus, causing problems to the fetus.


How can the spread of Omix be prevented?

1. Hygiene, wear a mask

Masks are still an important weapon to prevent respiratory infectious diseases. Adhere to wearing masks correctly, enclosed spaces (such as elevators, buses, subways, etc.) etc.) You must wear a mask, replace it in time after sweating, and resolutely ensure that the epidemic will not return, and the mask will not be taken off!

2. Wash hands frequently< /p>

Avoid touching public facilities and items, wash your hands immediately after going out, before eating, and after touching items such as face masks, and you can also bring hand sanitizer. Maintain hand hygiene at all times.

3. Sneeze politely< /p>

When sneezing, use a tissue, a handkerchief, or the inside of your elbow to cover your mouth and nose, rather than your hand.

4. Constant ventilation

Open windows for ventilation and keep indoor air circulation, which can reduce the risk of disease transmission. Ventilation should be done once a day, morning and evening, for more than 15 minutes each time.

5. One meter distance for safety

Maintaining a certain social distance can prevent infection to a certain extent. It is recommended to maintain a distance of more than one meter when going out, talking and other social activities to avoid Talk loudly and face to face.

6. Exercise regularly p>

Maintain a healthy diet with balanced nutrition, carry out scientific and moderate physical exercise, at the same time adhere to the regular work and rest, ensure sleep, not stay up late, and maintain a good attitude.