Is Su Bingtian a descendant of Su Shi? Writer Jiang Lan: It is very possible, Su Shi also loves to run

Cover reporter Zeng Jie and intern Lin Xiaotu According to the Internet

On August 10, “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi” topped the hot search on Weibo, and related topics read more than 280 million, causing focus on. One was a literary leader in the mid-Northern Song Dynasty, and the other was the fastest man in Asia. Su Shi and Su Bingtian collided and had a wonderful chemical reaction.

The vice-chairman of Sichuan Writers Association and famous writer Jiang Lan is simultaneously writing 3 biographies related to Su Shi. After seeing this hot search, he judges that Su Bingtian is a “probable” descendant of Su Shi. He said with a smile: “Su Shi is the most famous person in Chinese history, and Su Bingtian is the fastest Chinese. According to research, the three generations of Su Shi’s family have developed sports cells, and Su Shi also loves running. Maybe there are also Asian trapeze people. Genetic inheritance.”

“Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi” topped the trending search on Weibo

Su Bingtian is on the hot search again

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This is not Su Bingtian’s first It was rumored that he was a descendant of Su Shi. As early as after the Tokyo Olympics, the Su family’s ancestral hall in Guyi Village, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, was exposed by netizens. When introducing Su Bingtian, it clearly stated that Su Bingtian was the twenty-ninth generation grandson of the Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo and the second general of the Southern Song Dynasty Su Liuyi. Eleven generations of grandchildren. In the winter of 2021, Su Bingtian returned to his hometown to worship his ancestors, which once again attracted attention.

As early as 2021, writer Jiang Lan signed a contract with the Writers Publishing House to write “The Biography of Su Dongpo” in the “Hundred Chinese Biography” series, which is expected to be handed over for publication in 2023. At the same time, he is also preparing to write a biography of Su Dongpo’s mother, Mrs. Cheng, and a biography of Su Dongpo suitable for young people to read. Simultaneously promoting three biographies related to Su Dongpo, he read a large number of historical materials and documents related to it, and planned to visit places of great significance to Su Dongpo one by one.

Talking about the hot search topic “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi”, Jiang Lan believes that the possibility exists entirely because Su Liuyi is clearly mentioned in the genealogy of Su’s ancestral hall. Su Liuyi, the famous anti-Yuan general in the Southern Song Dynasty, is the eighth grandson of Su Dongpo and the descendant of Su Tan, the eldest son of Su Dongpo and his wife Wang Fu, the eldest son of Su Mai. At that time, because of the war, the descendants of Su Liuyi were forced to move south and settle in the Guangdong area, but did not stay in Meishan, Sichuan. “This possibility is very high.”

Sushi Statue

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The Su family has motor cells

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Jiang Lan’s research found that three generations of Su Shi’s family love sports and have good physical fitness. Su Shi’s grandfather, Su Xu, had to work in the fields every day.

Su Shi’s father, Su Xun, was keen to travel around the rivers and lakes, from the surrounding areas of Sichuan to the wider world. Even when Su Xu died, he was still studying in Jiangxi. “Walking alone in the rivers and lakes, carrying a coil but not being robbed, can’t do without some leg strength and kung fu.” Jiang Lan said.

And Su Shi himself loves physical exercise since childhood, and is not a weak scholar. “Dongpo Yingzhao Collection” records his concept of self-cultivation: “Those who are good at self-cultivation will make them able to relax and work hard, move their steps, and make them adapt to the changes of cold and heat. Injury.” His fitness method is long-distance running. In a letter to his friend Cheng Zhengfu, there is a wonderful self-report: “Morning revitalization must be within ten miles of a disease, and Qi damage will be slowed down. Xuantong is smooth and comfortable, and if you practice it for a long time, you should know that it is wonderful.” This means that he would run ten miles every morning when he got up, running until his head and feet were warm and his limbs were comfortable.

In addition, Su Shi started practicing qigong when he was a teenager. He wrote a poem describing the effect of qigong on nourishing the heart: “Whoever embellishes the clouds and the moon is bright, the sky is full of colors and the sea is clear.” Running in the morning and practicing Qigong in the evening, such exercise habits made him “plant 30,000 pine trees in his hands”, and also made him “lighter than horses with bamboo sticks and sandals”, all of which show that he has a good physique and exercise cells developed.

Talking about the sports genes of Su Shi’s family and Su Bingtian’s sprinting achievements, Jiang Lan said with a smile, this may be a historical metaphor or genetic inheritance.

  Sichuan Cultural Tourism invited Su Bingtian to visit Meishan p>

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Someone’s attention is a good thing

“Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi” after the hot search , Some netizens ridiculed “Su Bingtian may be the last person to know about this”.

The cover reporter interviewed a staff member of the “Su Clan Information Platform”, who sent a number of reports about the ancestor worship activities held at the Su Clan Ancestral Hall in Guyi Village, the hometown of Su Bingtian. The staff member revealed that he lives in Guangzhou, has visited the ancestral temple of Gu Yisu many times, and has many contacts with the villagers of Guyi Village. Long before Su Bingtian became popular, there has always been a tradition of ancestor worship in the local area. When asked if Su Bingtian was a descendant of Su Shi, he responded: “According to Su Bingtian’s hometown, the Su Clan’s ancestral hall and its genealogy data in Guyi Village, Zhongshan Guzhen, their Su Clan is descended from Su Dongpo, and so is Su Bingtian.”

In addition, the cover reporter also interviewed the relevant staff of the Sansu Temple in Meishan. The other party admitted that they could not verify whether Su Bingtian was a descendant of Su Shi. If Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi, he is also welcome to come to worship his ancestors.”

At the same time, the official Weibo “Sichuan Cultural Tourism” of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued an invitation to invite Su Bingtian to come to Meishan to play, crazy about the “Asian trapeze” Amway: The charm of Dongpo is not only in the Its rich cultural heritage is more about its “gluttonous” rivers and lakes. As for the culture of eating, the Dongpo area can be said to be tasteful and delicious: Dongpo meat, Dongpo fish, Dongpo pancakes, longan cakes, Shui Shao noodles, kimchi banquet… This is a “two drive” by Su Dongpo and gourmet food. “The carriage” pulled out of Meishan, a small town in Sichuan, and it was much more delicious than you thought!

In Jiang Lan’s view, it is a good thing that “Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi” has attracted attention and discussion, and he especially appreciates Su Bingtian’s low-key, “He is already a celebrity, and he did not use this to exaggerate or market it. , don’t use hype to increase attention, I admire his character very much, and of course I hope more people will participate in the discussion of the spiritual power that Su Shi left to future generations.”

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