Is mutton an “accelerator” of cancer cells? WHO: These 4 kinds of meat, shut up as soon as possible

Mutton is one of the main meats eaten by Chinese people. It contains less fat and cholesterol than pork and beef. Compared with pork, mutton has more protein and less fat. The content of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, iron, zinc and selenium is quite rich.

When the weather is cold, drinking a bowl of mutton soup will warm your body, and mutton is known as a good nourishing food in autumn and winter. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, mutton is sweet and warm in nature, and has the effects of nourishing the body, dispelling cold, and warming qi and blood.

Although eating mutton properly can bring benefits to your health, some people think that mutton is a catalyst for cancer. Is there any scientific basis? May wish to find out.

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About lamb

【Does lamb have parasites? 】

There are parasites in mutton, and almost all mutton contains Trichinella, Toxoplasma gondii, and Sarcocystis , and other parasites. Therefore, it is best not to eat mutton raw.

If you want to eat lamb, be sure to cook them before eating. This will kill most parasites and eggs and prevent them from infecting people. Do not eat mutton raw, or it may make people sick.

【How long does it take for lamb to rot? 】

The mutton can be rotten after stewing for about 2 hours. If you want to eat softer mutton, you need to prolong the stew time.

Usually boil the mutton for 1 hour and it will be fully cooked, but it will take more than 2 hours or cook it in a pressure cooker for 1 hour if it is soft and rotten .

In order to make the lamb soft and rotten easily, you can put some hawthorn and stew it together. Hawthorn contains a certain amount of lipase and maslinic acid, in which lipase can promote fat decomposition, and maslinic acid can increase the activity of proteolytic enzymes.

The main components of mutton are protein and fat, so adding hawthorn can speed up the decomposition of fat and protein, and it can be used to stew mutton The faster the stew is, the mutton soup can also be prepared quickly.

【Overnight lamb can do you want to eat? 】

Generally speaking, cooked mutton itself will not have toxic side effects after overnight, but whether it can be eaten still needs to be It depends.

If the mutton is well preserved and there is no abnormality in the mutton overnight, it can usually be eaten overnight. However, if the mutton is not well preserved and deteriorates after overnight, it is usually not recommended to continue eating.

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Is mutton an “accelerator” of cancer cells?

WHO has classified red meat as level 2a Carcinogens, in particular, have definite carcinogenicity to animals, and are highly likely to be carcinogenic to humans. Red meat includes lamb, beef, pork, etc. But cancer patients especially repelled him.

Red meat is of great significance to the human body. It can help supplement protein, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. Mutton is warm in nature and sweet in taste, and it moves the spleen and kidney. Eating it in winter can help warm and nourish qi and blood, nourish the middle and nourish qi. It is a very nourishing food.

There is no scientific basis to prove that mutton can accelerate the development of cancer. .

There is a record in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Mutton can warm the middle and nourish the deficiency, nourish the middle and replenish qi, appetizer and fitness, nourish the kidney qi, nourish the gallbladder and improve eyesight, cure fatigue and cold, Five labors and seven injuries”.

Mutton is a warming and nourishing ingredient, which can invigorate the spleen and warm the stomach, which is helpful to the body and has no risk of cancer Eating red meat in moderation is beneficial to the body and will not affect human health. However, if you eat a large amount of red meat, or eat some red meat that is not cooked properly, it will cause great damage to the human body.


< p data-track="27">WHO reminds: these 4 kinds of meat, shut up as soon as possible

1. Smoked red meat

Bacon is a relatively common delicacy. Many regions have the custom of making this kind of food. By marinating and smoking, it can change the taste of food and is loved by many people.

However, due to the particularity of the production method, there are also some carcinogenic ingredients in it, such as nitrite, benzopyrene, etc. Regular consumption of smoked red meat will cause Increase the risk of cancer in digestive and metabolic organs such as the stomach and esophagus. For the sake of your health, you should pay attention to controlling your intake.

2 frozen meat

Especially during holidays, when supermarkets hold activities, many people like to hoard a large amount of meat at one time, and store it in the refrigerator if they can’t eat it. Long-term freezing will not achieve absolute safety, and it is easy to be contaminated by microorganisms. This kind of meat is very dangerous.

Long-term consumption of frozen meat will reduce the body’s immunity and increase the chance of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that you should eat fresh meat, don’t buy too much, and it is best to eat it within a month.

3. Canned meat

Although canned meat is very convenient to eat at ordinary times, you should eat it as little as possible, and it is okay to eat it once in a while. If you eat it frequently, it may burden the body and increase the risk of disease.

Because when meat is made into cans, a lot of salt and additives, flavoring agents, preservatives and other substances will be put in. If you eat it regularly, it will increase the burden on the liver, kidneys and other organs, and damage the function of the organs. Although canned meat is delicious, it is better to eat less for your health.

4. High temperature barbecue

Nowadays, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and many people prefer to eat high-temperature barbecue, especially the young people who seem to be addicted to it all year round. The delicious barbecue is also very attractive when served on the table.

However, high-temperature barbecues have a certain risk of carcinogenicity. When the temperature of meat exceeds 400 degrees, a component called heterocyclic ammonia will be produced. Amines are charred black substances.

During the grilling process, meat will produce this type of carcinogen when it is not completely burned, and enter the human body to induce lung lesions.


Extension: When eating meat, you must pay attention to the following 3 points

1. Avoid eating too much lean meat

It is generally believed that you can eat less fat meat, but it is okay to eat more lean meat. In fact, this way of eating is also unscientific. Medical scientists have discovered that the main factor causing atherosclerosis is not cholesterol, but homocysteine.

Cysteine ​​is formed by methionine under the catalysis of a certain enzyme in the human body, and the content of methionine in lean meat is relatively high.

Experiments have proved that homocysteine ​​can directly damage arterial cells and form typical atherosclerotic plaques. Therefore, even if you eat lean meat, it should be moderate and should not be excessive.

2. Pay attention to collocation

Pork and beef should be paired with soy products. Soy products contain a large amount of lecithin, which can emulsify plasma, make cholesterol and fat particles smaller, suspend in plasma, not deposit on blood vessel walls, and prevent plaque formation.

Mushrooms are rich in guanylate, and chicken is rich in inosinate, which will release free glutamic acid when cooked Sodium, which creates a synergistic effect, thereby boosting umami.

3. It is more recommended to eat stew

Because the stewed meat is tender and soft, the chewing function of the elderly mostly declines, so stewed meat is more suitable and small Slow cooking reduces saturated fat.

An experiment in the “Journal of Food Science” showed that after pork is stewed for a long time, because the fat in the meat will dissolve in the soup, Therefore, 30%~50% of the fat content of the meat will be reduced, and the cholesterol content will also be relatively reduced. But the fat content in the soup will be high, it is best not to drink this thick soup.

Source: Tian Jinhai, oral and maxillofacial surgeon Haiyuan County People’s Hospital