Is it treatable or incurable when a loved one has terminal cancer? This doctor’s practice may be worth learning from

Nowadays, the incidence of cancer is increasing, and most patients with advanced cancer cannot be completely treated. There is controversy about the treatment of advanced cancer. What about treatment? If not treated, it will conflict with our traditional culture.

For patients themselves, some have two extreme thoughts, many people want to live, so They will choose active treatment, and some people will give up treatment in order not to drag down their family members and do not want to be free of money and money. To cure or not to cure?

A loved one’s cancer is at an advanced stage, is it curable or not? Doctors recommend that you consider the following points before deciding whether to treat your cancer:

< span>(1) Deterioration of cancer cells

Cancer does not equal blood, many cancers There is a strong spread, especially in patients with advanced cancer, it will spread to the body, and every organ is life-threatening.

Continued treatment is not recommended if cancer cells deteriorate to a severe The pain is getting worse, so it is better to give up treatment, which can not only alleviate the pain, but also die happily and dignifiedly.

(2) Economic ability

Clinical cancer treatment costs are very high, which is a huge expense for ordinary families. In order to cure the disease, borrow money everywhere, sell houses and cars, and eventually people will appear. The phenomenon of empty money.

If the probability of recovery after surgery is also relatively small, and if the patient’s family financial situation does not allow, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s objective The analysis to the patients and their families, perhaps giving up the treatment is the relief for the patients.

(3) Psychological status of patients< /p>

There are differences in people’s ability to bear. When faced with death, a seven-footed man will also panic. If cancer is detected, first of all Considering the patient’s psychology, whether to give up treatment or continue treatment, the patient’s wishes should be followed.

(4) Difficulty of treatment

There are differences in the difficulty of treatment for different cancers. Some treatments have a high success rate. In this case, active treatment can be selected. However, treatment is difficult and prone to recurrence. Take conservative treatment.

(5) Consider whether the patient can accept chemotherapy side effects< /span>

Chemotherapy is the main way to treat cancer, but because chemotherapy drugs are “enemy”, when they kill cancer cells, they will also Damage to normal cells, patients will have different degrees of adverse reactions, such as vomiting, hair loss, nausea, dizziness, many patients have weakened immunity, the body can not support the side effects of chemotherapy, and side effects on the treatment effect, at this time, can be suspended Treatment, so that the patient’s body can relax, and communicate with the doctor to change other treatment methods.


These 3 cancers can be treated even in advanced stages

Type 1: Thyroid cancer

The incidence of thyroid cancer is very high, and the onset of thyroid cancer is slow, so it is called “the kindest cancer”, and 90% of Thyroid cancer is papillary cancer.

These patients have less progression, slower progression of cancer, and less aggressiveness, so there is a good chance of The treatment effect, timely detection and timely treatment, there will be no possibility of death.

In addition, thyroid nodules are not thyroid cancer. 95% of thyroid nodules in physical examination are benign cancers. 5% malignant transformation, so don’t be afraid, just cooperate with the doctor to actively treat it.

Type 2: Colorectal Cancer

< p data-track="23">The treatment of colorectal cancer is still a “trilogy” of surgery, medicine and radiation therapy. For people with early colorectal cancer after treatment and diagnosis, early colorectal cancer treatment The rate of colorectal cancer can reach 80%. For colorectal cancer patients in the middle stage, the treatment rate is 60% to 70%. The surgical trauma of colorectal cancer is not large. According to different conditions, patients need chemotherapy and radiotherapy before surgery to reduce the tumor and reduce the spread of the disease. chance and require radical surgery.

Type 3: Breast Cancer< /p>

Breast cancer is one of the main cancers that threaten women’s health. This cancer makes many women afraid. Many people think that as long as they are infected with breast cancer, There is no chance of survival. After breast cancer occurs, the breast tissue becomes more obvious. The treatment rate of early breast cancer is more than 90%, and even patients with advanced stage have a treatment rate of 30%.

Conclusion: Cancer is not an incurable disease, as long as it is detected early, diagnosed early, and treated early, it is possible to survive, even in the advanced stage It does not mean that there is no salvation. As long as you have hope, have a good attitude, and actively cooperate with treatment, you can also achieve long-term survival.