Is it okay to walk often? Reminder: Over 65 years old, pay attention to these 4 things when walking

For the elderly over 65 years old, some high-intensity exercises are no longer suitable for the usual health exercise. At this time, the elderly will join Taijiquan and square dancing. in the ranks. Everyone who is used to going for a walk in the square every night should find that there are more and more patterns of exercise.

But recently my neighbor’s auntie Zhang came to me and said that because of the high degree of difficulty of square dancing, as long as the legs are a little hard now, I feel pain, and ask if the muscle is sprained? I wonder if your uncles and aunts have encountered a similar situation?

This is This kind of situation is a common phenomenon for the elderly. Why do you say this? Due to the increase of age, the joints of the elderly will decline. If you do strenuous exercise at this time, it is easy to cause joint damage. Health has a certain impact.

I am anxious to see the uncles and aunts who usually love sports here. , Is it impossible to exercise normally? Can I only lie down on Ge You every day?

Of course not. After a certain age, the less you exercise, the faster the joints will degenerate. However, if you choose sports with more difficult movements, the joints will also be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly over 65 years old can choose some soothing exercises, such as: walking, Tai Chi and so on.

Today, let’s take a look at the elderly after the age of 65, Keep walking every day can give What are the benefits of the body?

According toRussian Izvestia Knowing that, a study by the University of California, San Diego found that a proper daily walk in the elderly over the age of 65 can prevent type 2 diabetes, because proper exercise can promote the body’s blood circulation, thereby achieve the effect of lowering blood sugar.

Besides that, can going for a walk every day make people feel happy? Everyone who sees people here should know There is an urge to “return back”, “Isn’t it delicious to lie in bed every day? How tiring to go out for a walk!” I prefer to go out and about, because it not only reduces the risk of chronic diseases, but also relieves the loneliness of being alone at home.

Therefore, for people over 65 years old, go out for a walk every day Walking is a very happy thing, especially for the elderly who live alone. After dinner, I invite a few friends to go for a walk in the park, and sit on a bench to chat when I am tired. Isn’t it beautiful.

Friendly reminder: While walking is a preferred exercise for older adults, Be sure to keep the following walking tips in mind:

Try not to take a walk after waking up in the morning< /strong>

“A day’s plan is in the morning” The morning is the freshest time of the day, why is it not suitable for the elderly to take a walk? The most important thing is Because the blood is thicker and blood pressure is the highest in the day when people just get up, if the elderly choose to go for a walk at this time, it is more likely to cause chronic diseases, which are harmful to health, especially for patients with high blood pressure, remember to take a walk in the morning. Take a walk as soon as you get up. General advice: After breakfast, take a rest for about an hour before doing morning exercises.

When walking, do what you can, don’t walk blindly

Well, as mentioned above, walking can not only reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, but also alleviate the loneliness of the elderly living alone. Then I will go out for a walk whenever I have time, and I will walk 20,000+ every day. The elderly who have this kind of thinking are very dangerous. The physical strength of a middle-aged person is incomparable to that of a young person. If you walk non-stop every day, it will aggravate the injury of the knee joint. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends: For the elderly over 65 years old, the number of steps per day should be controlled at about 6,000 steps; the maximum number should not exceed 7,000 steps; the minimum should not be less than 4,000 steps. Depends on your own situation.

When walking, you need to pay attention to your walking posture and don’t develop the habit of hunchback

Everyone can go to the public on SundayAfter walking around the park, you should find that 60% of the elderly like to carry their hands behind their backs when walking, especially men. In fact, this kind of walking posture is not good, and it will invisibly increase the degree of hunchback of the elderly. It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people keep their heads up and their chests as high as possible when walking, and take big strides forward. Remember not to look around while walking to avoid falling.

Take a 30-minute break after eating before taking a walk

do they all say “you can live to ninety-nine after a hundred steps after a meal”? What about taking a walk? The “after a meal” in “100-step walk after a meal to live to ninety-nine” refers not to after a meal, but to take a proper rest before taking a walk. Because if you take a walk just after eating, it will increase the speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis and bring a certain burden to gastrointestinal health. General suggestion: Take a walk 30 minutes after a meal. During these 30 minutes, the food in the stomach will be slowly digested, and the burden on the stomach can also be reduced when walking.

Summary:Some of the tedious little things in life as we grow older You can forget about it, and what you need to do every day is to eat healthy and live a happy life.


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