Is it good or bad to eat 5 peanuts a day? Master these 2 methods

When it comes to peanuts, one of the names I have to mention is “longevity fruit”. Compared with other nut foods, peanuts can indeed be said to be cheap and nutritious. In addition, he has a lot of ways to do it, whether it is fried, peanut butter, as a side dish or as a side dish for wine, as an accessory for the main dish, etc… So the characteristics of peanuts also determine his widespread appearance on the dining table. above.

Based on the fact that peanuts are such a common daily food, I often hear people say that eating some peanuts can reduce blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular disease. Some people say that eating 5 peanuts a day is especially good for the body. Healthy, So is this statement correct? How should peanuts be eaten, how much should be eaten, and what type of people should they eat to achieve the purpose of health preservation? There are 2 methods to pay attention to.

I. Good health care products

Although many people say that eating peanuts has many benefits, each Even if the food is healthy, it depends on whether it meets the needs of the human body and it must be within a reasonable dosage range. If it is not suitable for itself and ingested blindly, it will be harmful to health. For most people, is eating 5 peanuts a day really beneficial?

In the eyes of most people, if you have cardiovascular disease, it must be because the fat content in the body is too high due to eating and drinking on weekdays, and this excess fat is deposited in the body. In the blood vessels, the viscosity of blood will continue to increase, and the speed of blood flow will also slow down. This will lead to a series of cardiovascular diseases, and the high fat content of peanuts will affect health?

In fact, although peanuts are a high-calorie, high-fat, and high-protein food, the fat in peanuts is more of a monounsaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid. It will lead to an increase in blood lipids, it can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol to help improve blood lipids in the body, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease.

In addition, there is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that “peanuts nourish the stomach”. In fact, in modern clinical medicine, there is no exact evidence that eating peanuts can treat chronic stomach diseases or prevent gastritis. , not as magical as the folks say. But for people with excessive gastric acid secretion, eating some peanuts in moderation can relieve their stomach discomfort to a certain extent.

According to a paragraph written in my country’s latest edition of “Residents’ Dietary Guidelines”, the recommended consumption of soybeans and nuts for Chinese residents is 25-30 grams per person per day, which is beneficial to the human body. healthy. At the same time, some doctors suggest that peanut pulp is more nutritious and suitable for eating in moderation on an empty stomach. Usually, it is recommended to take about 10 peanuts and chew them in the mouth for a while, so there is no need to swallow them in a hurry.

Second, scientific consumption

Excessive intake of peanuts is also likely to increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, which is not conducive to human digestion, especially for diarrhea or digestion For patients with bad stomach disease, it is not suitable for regular consumption, so how to eat to ensure the original nutritional content of peanuts to a greater extent, In fact, the original taste is recommended in nutrition, which can maintain the The original taste can also guarantee the nutrition to the greatest extent.

With the advancement of technology and the development of various technological means, the production of peanuts has become more and more diversified, Not only pickled peanuts, but also fried peanuts , fried and spicy flavors, spiced flavors, etc. These cooking methods certainly increase the taste richness of peanuts, but also make the original healthy food lose its own nutritional value, and there are many harmful additives.

The scientifically recommended way to eat peanuts is generally to eat them directly after boiling, which is not only healthy but also prevents the intake of additional additives, and The other one can improve the taste The method is to make peanuts into peanut-flavored soymilk, and use a juicer and a soymilk machine to process the peanuts, which not only maintains the original flavor of the ingredients, but also enriches the taste and level of the food.

The second way to eat peanuts is to control the amount, according to The results of the Harvard University study on the intake of moderate nuts and the risk of cardiovascular disease show that if peanuts are added to the normal diet as a snack instead of other refined grains, although the parameters of blood sugar or blood lipid and blood pressure cannot be significantly changed, but It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in metabolic syndrome.

How to control this amount, the American Heart Association will also conduct related research in 2021, and will publish an article It shows that a series of nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber contained in peanuts can increase the body’s control of blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids and other indicators. 13% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Even such a food that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, don’t eat peanuts as a snack, bite after bite, because The fat content of peanuts is still very high, which can easily lead to obesity, especially for people with physical problems, which can cause more serious health problems. It is appropriate to consume 10 grams per day.

III. Precautions

After mastering the two methods of eating peanuts, we should also pay attention to some people with special circumstances. These people should try to reduce the consumption of peanuts. The amount of peanuts.For example, people with high uric acid and gout patients should not eat peanuts because they themselves should avoid high purine foods. Excessive intake of peanuts may reduce the excretion of uric acid and cause the body to Increased uric acid levels.

In addition, for people with renal insufficiency, peanuts are rich in phosphorus. For humans, after the kidney function degenerates, the ability to metabolize phosphorus will be limited. Eating a lot of peanuts will increase the burden on the kidneys and aggravate the patient’s condition. Therefore, patients with kidney disease can only eat at most 5 per day. Peanuts, and more high-quality protein foods such as fish, milk and eggs.


From the above description, it can be seen that eating 5 peanuts a day is more suitable, and it is more suitable for the individual body. It can indeed achieve health preservation and promote health without discomfort, but always remember that although peanuts can provide protein and unsaturated fatty acids, etc., they are still very rich in fat, so peanuts have It will be used as a raw material to make peanut oil.

This kind of oil-rich food must pay more attention to the usage and dosage. If an individual has a peanut allergy or is overweight, they cannot eat peanuts. Instead, choose high-quality protein to meet the daily nutritional needs of the human body. From the experience of peanuts, we can also learn that only by choosing the right and nutritious food and ensuring the correct eating method can we be healthier.

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