Is it better to eat standing or sitting? Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight

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Most people eat while sitting. Few people eat standing. They either eat while walking to work, or buy snacks on the street and eat while standing.

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Actually, in ancient Rome and Greece, there were still people who eat while lying down. The rich and powerful think this way of eating is elegant… But today we will not discuss eating while lying down. ) eating is still very rare.

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Although sitting and eating seem to be a matter of habit, eating the same thing shouldn’t make much difference. However, if you analyze it carefully, you will find that sitting and eating have different effects on the body.

First, let’s talk about the difference between posture and calorie intake.

Some people think that eating standing up will consume more calories, so they think that eating standing up can help you lose weight, but this is not necessarily true.

When the human body is standing, the energy consumed per hour is about 50 more calories than sitting, but when standing, food can pass through the digestive system faster, so standing Eating is easy and fast, sitting is slow.

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Eating slowly means eating fewer calories. Studies have shown that eating slowly can reduce appetite and increase satiety, so a sitting position that eats more slowly is more likely to reduce the amount of calories you eat in a meal. This may result in eating 88 fewer calories per meal.

Not only scientific research has proved that, the real big stomach competition can also prove from the side that eating standing up is easier to digest.

The Big Eater Competition is held every July 4th in Coney Island, New York, USA. This year, Joey Chestnut won the championship. He ate 63 hot dog burgers in just 10 minutes, an astounding amount of food, and this was his 15th championship in this competition.

Chersnut ate 63 hot dog burgers in 10 minutes. (Image credit: Reuters)

If you look at their competition, you will see that not just the champions, but all the contestants choose to stand and eat hot dogs, for no other reason than to eat faster and more. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is recommended that you eat while sitting.

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It’s not just the difference in calorie intake, there is also a difference between standing and sitting when it comes to perceiving whether the food is tasty.

Dipayan Biswas, a professor of marketing at the University of South Florida, has been studying different environmental conditions and how small changes can change a person’s eating behavior.

He did an experiment in which he asked hundreds of volunteers to eat pita (an Arabic food) made by the same chef, some standing up , and some sit and eat. They were then asked to rate the food, 1 being not tasty at all and 7 being very tasty.

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It turned out that although they all ate the same flavor of pita, the scores of those who ate while sitting were significantly higher than those who ate while standing.

In order to verify the accuracy of the experiment, the scientists gave them brownies made by the same family and asked them to score again. This time the results were the same as last time, the seated eaters seemed to think their food was better and more enjoyable.

Dr. Biswas believes the difference is due to the fact that your body circulates blood faster and your blood pressure is higher when you are standing, which causes your body to release more the stress hormone cortisol, and stress weakens your ability to taste delicious food.

It’s okay after all. Who likes standing?

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Not just standing, as long as you are under pressure, no matter whether the pressure comes from work or life, it will make you feel that your taste is reduced. Therefore, if you want to better enjoy the food and enjoy the various tastes that the food brings to the tip of the tongue, it is recommended that you eat while sitting.

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In short, sitting and eating seem to have many benefits, not only reducing calorie intake, but also allowing you to taste better. Of course, if you want to eat fast and gain weight, eat standing up.

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