Is fish oil an IQ tax, or is it really useful? Remember to ask: what is the purity of omega 3?

More and more people are concerned about cardiovascular health! More and more people are taking health supplements!

So among the many health care products, it is rare that they appear in the official guide!

For example, the familiar coenzyme Q10, folic acid, and fish oil are clearly written in the guide and recommended to everyone. In addition, other so-called health products are not recommended by the guide.

Then coenzyme Q10 and folic acid loudness are relatively simple, it just depends on the dose.

But fish oil is different. Many people are eating fish oil, but what many people eat is not fish oil, but loneliness, leeks, and IQ tax!

Some people think that the price is cheap, so they buy it themselves; some people think that imported products are good; some people think that celebrity endorsements are right.

Don’t be fooled again!

Don’t just focus on the price!

Don’t just stare at one famous streamer!

Don’t just stare at the foreign language on the bottle!

These are not the basis for choosing fish oil. If we want to choose fish oil, we must first ask her what the purity of omega 3 is.

Fish oil actually mainly refers to omega 3. If you want to choose a fish oil, first ask: Hello, what is the omega 3 purity of your fish oil?

If she hesitates and doesn’t answer, then don’t take it lightly, because really high-purity fish oil will tell you that the purity of omega 3 is ≥ 85. %.

If you are unwilling to say, dare not say your own fish oil purity, or say that the purity has not reached 85%, please do not be impulsive.

Omega-3 includes EPA and DHA, and research found:

Studies have found that high-purity EPA-based fish oil reduces triglycerides and slightly lowers low density. Of course fish oil is not a substitute for medicine.

That is, people with mildly elevated triglycerides can choose high-purity fish oil to reduce triglycerides if they want; or people with mildly elevated low-density lipoproteins can also choose High-purity fish oil lowers density lipoproteins.

But first of all, a healthy diet is the foundation, and secondly, if the triglycerides exceed 5.6mmol/L, then you should see a doctor, because there is a risk of acute pancreatitis at this time, and you need to lower blood lipids as soon as possible . If your LDL is higher, see your doctor too.

So can fish oil reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease?

China’s Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases states that increasing omega-3 intake through dietary supplements is not significantly associated with cardiovascular risk and mortality risk. However, high-concentration EPA preparations can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

What do you mean? Ordinary fish oil preparations did not reduce cardiovascular risk and risk of death. Only fish oil with more than 85% omega-3 purity and EPA-based fish oil can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

So if you choose fish oil again, don’t be fooled, remember to ask: What is the purity of your omega 3? Is it high in EPA?

See what he has to say!

Can I take fish oil while taking statins?

In 2019, American scholars researched and randomly divided people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases into two groups, one group took statin drugs, and the other group took statin drugs + high-purity EPA fish oil. The results were observed. It was found that the group of high-purity EPA fish oil + statin further reduced the cardiovascular risk by 25% compared with the group of statin alone.

So if you have the conditions, you can choose, but choose high-purity EPA fish oil.

In short, if you need fish oil, don’t be fooled!