[Internet Words] Find the heart of poetry in ancient poems

This article is reprinted from: Guangming Daily

[Internet language]

From the graduation season to use poetry to express farewell affection, to using poetry to share the interest of life on social platforms, now, ancient poetry It appears more and more frequently in cyberspace. Chinese classical poetry research expert Ye Jiaying and others have opened poetry “classrooms” on social platforms, attracting many poetry lovers to “check in” to study; Wang Yangjun, a language teacher in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, devoted special time in class to lead students to appreciate poetry , some of the clips were made into short videos and posted online, attracting a large number of fans… A classic poem that has been baptized by time, with the help of the Internet, it revives new vitality, awakens people’s poetic heart, and injects romantic poetry into daily life.

The length of ancient poems is usually relatively short, which meets the needs of short videos and satisfies the fragmented reading habits of many people today. The diversified forms of expression on the Internet, the integration of video, sound, and text, also endow ancient poetry with a richer display space, which helps to convey poetry more vividly. Today, from music and dance to opera and calligraphy, short videos around ancient poems for “secondary creation” are in various forms and have their own characteristics. Such “out of the circle” has allowed ancient poetry to have a wider audience, and also made the beauty of ancient poetry more rippled through the Internet.

It’s not so much that ancient poems “out of the circle”, it’s better to say that they are poems of the ancients, which give people of today the power to warm their hearts in the busy moment. Our life experiences, joys, sorrows and sorrows are placed in the poems of the ancients. Today, reading and appreciating poems through the short video platform reflects the innovation in the form of dissemination of ancient poems and reflects the continuity of Chinese excellent traditional culture. The ancient poems, through the millennium, have reached the hearts of the people through the vast history, awakening our cultural genes and nourishing our spiritual world.

We praise the “out of the circle” of ancient poetry, and we also hope that more people will follow this to delve into the world of ancient poetry, regain classic reading, draw wisdom from classics, and continue to strengthen our spiritual soil. , enrich our cultural landscape.