Internet celebrity booking! Another beautiful village in Pinghu “out of the circle”

Recently, the Yuquan Village in Daqitang Village, Xindai Town has been “out of the circle”, and has become another “Internet celebrity” “Beautiful countryside, Today, the editor will take you to visit Yuquan~

Revealing the secret behind the beauty of Yuquan

Yuquan Village, located in Daqi, Xindai Town At the southwest corner of Tang Village,the village area is 19.8 hectares.

The village is densely covered with water network and rich in water resources.Yes A typical Jiangnan water town. Overlooking from the air,the rural picture of the beautiful Yuquan, spreads along the Shiqiangang River, The water is clear, the banks are green, and the river is beautiful.

Actually, the Yuquan Village with “beauty” mode enabledIt was not built overnight, Miao Luping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Daqitang Village, Xindai Town revealed to the editor“From 2020, the overall The layout has been improved, and has formed this beautiful rural picture.”

In 2020, Daqitang Village invested more than 3 million yuan to build landscape bridges, hydrophilic platforms, lawns, lotus ponds, etc. in Yuquan Village.

In 2021, the beautiful river channel project of Shiqian Port, the whitewashing of farm houses and the construction of beautiful courtyards, the renovation project of rural domestic sewage, etc. Let Yuquan Village further fade away its dust and shine.

This year, Yuquan Village has changed the village road from white to black, the strong and weak electricity up and down, the clear water around the village, Greening and upgrading projects. Under intensive cultivation, Yuquan Village seems to be reborn from Nirvana. The villagers push the windows to see the green, and every door opens to see the scenery.

Currently, the Yuquan Village covers an area of ​​2000 square meters The cultural center project is coming to an end

. The cultural center is rebuilt from an old factory building.There are traditional Chinese medicine cultural centers, silk reeling experience centers, etc. span>In order to promote the development of the beautiful economy, Daqitang Village also introducedthird-party operating companies in advance to participate in the planning and layout.

Xi Yeting, a third-party operator: “We combine the characteristics of local Yuquan villages, like Chinese herbal medicine and sericulture culture have developed different research courses based on these, just like the spinning machine here, thinking that children will be more interested, at the same time, they can watch and play at the same time, which will also increase the attractiveness of the market.”

south of the cultural center, also built a new cruise pier , In the near future,this cruise line will also cross the town areaand the Zhongxi of Zhongdai Street Zhaoge · Hidden World Pastoral Tour line is connected.

Yuquan Village and Shenjialong Village in Zhongdai Street, especially Zhongxi How to share tourist resources after the completion of the Daoge·Hidden World Rural Scenic Route has always been a question that Daqitang Village has been thinking about.

This year, through the clear water around the village project, the river channel of Yuquan Village has also planted underwater forests, installed Diaoyutai, Oxygen aeration facilities, the water upstream line is about to come out.

< p>Miao Luping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Daqitang Village, Xindai Town, said: “We are now docking through the cruise ship wharf, and we can go from our Yuquan to Cheqiao and Tengqiao. Next, we have an idea, that is, through the landscape The car and the tourist attractions of the three-way trail are connected.”

such a beautiful countryside ,Do you love it? The editor can’t wait, I want to find a day to check in.

(Blue Media Alliance·Pinghu Media Center Li Chengxiang, Luo Jiayu)